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The Empress of India at Veronica Fish & Oyster

We sampled a lot of adult potables in 2016. Here are the five that stood out for creativity as well as straight-up tastiness. 

Because walnuts! Epicure's Corinthian Leather blends good whiskey with a delightful nuttiness.

For a legit ginger kick: The Table's Ginger Bee has real ginger spice and finishes with a tropical Key lime tartness.

When it comes to tequila, spice is nice: Capital Grille's Fire and Ice uses real peppers to deliver a noticeable kick without overpowering the tequila, then cools everything off with cucumber.

In praise of the fizz: Boca's Fine and Shandy is the most sophisticated drink I tried to satisfy my beer-in-a-cocktail fetish. IPA, bourbon, cherry liqueur--what's not to love?

A complex beauty: Veronica's Empress of India. This is the cocktail I'm most eager to try again in order to experience that fascinating combo of flavors, capped off by star anise. 

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