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Cocktail of the Week: Station 400's Mimosa

Brunch and bubbly. You can't beat it.

By Hannah Wallace December 13, 2016

Station 400 mimosas v37nw5

The pomegranate mimosa (and blackberry bramble) at Station 400.

This week: The pomegranate mimosa at Station 400.

The drink: Champagne and pomegranate juice. An effervescent, delicately sweet accompaniment to brunch.The genius of the mimosa is how well it matches the full range of breakfast and lunch dishes, whether it's cutting through the richness of eggs Benedict or complementing a light and fresh Cobb salad. We ordered a round prior to last weekend's Atomic Holiday Bazaar, and that made for just the right kind of tipsy to go shopping for sugar skulls and edgy, irreverent wall art.

The bar: Well, it's not a bar; it's a charming little breakfast and lunch spot set in an old rail station with fantastic, shady outdoor seating, too. 

Food: Pancakes, omelets, salads and sandwiches, nary a misstep among them.

Other notable potables: Just the mimosas, really, which come in a few fruity flavors, and there's also a selection of beers. But get the mimosa. Trust us. 

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