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This week: The Brandy Alexandro at Muse.

The drink: Brandy, Kahlua, Creme de Cacao, cream, nutmeg, dark chocolate. Everything blends together into a creamy, Kahlua-y  concoction, but it's neither cloying nor heavy, so it's a nice treat to start the evening or cap off dinner.

The bar: PURPLE. Part of the classy, cozy dining room filled with theatergoers and other arts buffs, Muse's bar invites cultured conversation. (Points to an incredibly friendly staff during our visit, too.)

Food: Signature Tableseide creativity in bar bites like Caesar's deviled eggs with garlic crumbs and Caesar dressing, or buffalo cauliflower with almonds and blue cheese ranch.

Other notable potables: Other twists on classics include the maple bourbon sour, Another Tequila Sunrise (with pomegranate instead of grenadine) and the Muse old fashioned, featuring peach bitters, rosemary and marmalade. 

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