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Cocktail of the Week: JoTo's Flaming Fujiyama

A ridiculous beverage ablaze to match the surreality of the North Trail.

By Hannah Wallace October 12, 2016

Flaming fujiyama zautgf

This week: The Flaming Fujiyama at JoTo's Japanese Steakhouse

The drink: Per the menu, an "exciting mixture of vodka, splash of Southern Comfort, secret liquor and exotic fruit juices. Just one drink and you will know why it is called the Flaming Fujiyama." OK, first of all, that last bit sounds like a threat, and also, you don't really need to drink the thing to gain insight into the name--it arrives, literally, aflame.

I'd wager the secret liquor is midori, which is why it looks like ectoplasm and tastes like my freshman year at college. But it's all in good fun, especially when the bartender gets to bust out the brulee torch, right? Besides, the old school, Pacific-themed North Trail setting makes this cocktail feel like a goofy little sibling to the Bahi Hut's mai tai and Sneaky Tiki.

The bar: Maybe it's just because I grew up a stone's throw away in Whitfield, but I have affection for the dark JoTo's bar area. It feels like a cool little cave of sanctuary amid the blinding, wide-open light of the airport.

Other notable potables: Again, per the menu, there's the rum-based Geisha, "that will make you feel relaxed," the "perfect formula" to be found in the Karate Punch, and the Hotei, "truly a Japanese happy drink!" Because, well...vodka. 

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