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Cocktail of the Week: Patrick's Chocolate Strawberry Martini

A surprisingly refreshing dessert beverage.

By Hannah Wallace September 28, 2016

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This week: The Chocolate Strawberry Martini at Patricks 1481

The drink: SKYY strawberry vodka, Godiva white chocolate liqueur and half-and-half, served in a chocolate-rimmed glass. True story: My parents had a relatively untouched bottle of Godiva liqueur in their cabinet for much of my childhood (gifted to them by someone who didn't know any better, I think), and I tend to associate it with my first encounter--some vile, past-expiration viscous glop unfit for even a not-very-rebellious teenager's consumption. (Sorry, Godiva. Love your chocolates, though.)

ANYway, I'm happy to report that this cocktail does not resemble that experience at all. The liqueur and the cream are more than matched by the tart, strawberry flavor--so much so that I'm curious if SKYY's strawberry vodka really is that natural-tasting, or if the bartender snuck something else in there, too. (I'm told lemon would curdle the half-and-half, so...not that.) Also, cheers to chocolate-rimmed martini glasses and my ridiculous commitment to licking them.

The bar: I was such a fan of Patrick's old location at Five Points (now Fit2Run), and I'm really happy to see how busy the 1481 spot has stayed through the years since the move. The bar/dining room can get a little noisy, but it's a happy energy and great for Main Street.

Food: Patrick's famous burgers still hold their ground, of course, but I'm also a big fan of any place that serves eggs Benedict for dinner.

Other notable potables: Mostly your standard modern-day martini selection, with a variety of fruits and veggies represented (raspberry, lemon, watermelon, cucumber) as well as the precursor to the vodka/Red Bull: the espresso martini.

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