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Cocktail of the Week: Blue Rooster's Cajun Lemonade

A sweet treat with a country kick.

By Hannah Wallace March 25, 2016

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 This week: The Cajun Lemonade at Blue Rooster

The drink: Pimm's No. 1, pink lemonade, Sprite and a dash of Tabasco ($7). Built on the already complex, herb-and-fruit flavors of the gin-based Pimm's, what really stands out here is the mind-blowing mix of lemonade and Tabasco, sweet and spicy flavors that hit your tongue simultaneously. Add to that combo the effervescent texture of the Sprite, and you get a fun, truly standout cocktail. (And for next-level complexity and kick, you can add a Jack Daniels floater for $5.)

The bar: Aside from a couple of communal high-tops, there's not much separating Blue Rooster's wall-length bar from the rest of its dining room, all of which exudes a sort of stylized take on a bluesy barn. And the acoustics are so good, the whole space can be full and you won't feel overwhelmed by sound. (Also a bonus for BR's rep as a live music destination.)

Food: Hard to go wrong with the handful of bar bites on BR's happy hour menu--Southern-themed indulgences like a BLT biscuit slider (with fried green tomato), or the spicy Crazy Cajun Shrimp.

Other notable potables: Like its food menu, BR's specialty cocktail list is fun and full of Southern style, ranging from corn whiskey infused with fruit to the classic anise-and-bitters-twinged Sazerac.

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