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Drink of the Week: Cinebistro's Ginger Peach Whiskey Punch

A cocktail with a ginger kick for your movie night out.

By Hannah Wallace February 19, 2016

Cinebistro whiskey punch itkzss

The drink: Muddled ginger and peach puree, white American whiskey, tea, apple juice and lemon juice. There's definitely a distinct peach flavor (the apple juice adds sweetness), that then gives way to a lovely ginger kick--the real ginger makes all the difference--and then the lemon and tea keep it all from coating your tongue.

The bar: Ostensibly you'd be sipping this from a comfy leather chair in one of Cinebistro's movie theaters, but the big, open bar in the lobby leaves plenty of room for pre- and post-show lingering, too.

Food: If the name didn't give it away, this is definitely not your standard movie theater fare. Everything from fish dip to ribeye to burgers and more. The food is certainly not a secondary consideration.

Other notable potables: Subtle twists on the usual cocktails (Dark & Stormy, three flavors of mojitos, an orange Kentucky mule) plus some bolder offerings, like the Devil's Water: habanero-infused tequila, blood orange syrup, grapefruit juice and muddled mint.

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