Jackdusty qro9mq
Photo by Amy Hoffarth


On workdays when I’m lunching at Jack Dusty, I avoid alcohol. But I want a drink that looks glam and tastes special. My go-to selection is The Wench’s Willpower, served in a traditional martini glass and made with house-crafted raspberry syrup, pineapple and grapefruit juices, fresh lime and a dash of club soda. Garnished with three fresh raspberries, this mocktail is dreamy looking and has an ideal sweet-bitter balance. I sip, take in the view, and fantasize that I live at the Ritz. Then I go back to work refreshed and clear-headed. The Wench’s Willpower is $8 and so worth it. It would also make a delightful non-alcoholic drink for your home brunch party.


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