These days, Sarasota’s weather is more important than ever. The climate, which made our town so inviting and prosperous, now threatens our future. Will global warming ruin everything? Will it get too hot to live here? Scientists warn that the seas are rising and could reshape the local landscape within a century. They certainly have risen in the past. Our beaches used to be 100 miles out in the Gulf.

Nature always wins in Florida. But today it’s 83 degrees, there’s a breeze across the golf course, and the blue-green Gulf has never looked more inviting. So let’s get out the raft and make some margaritas.

We’re going swimming. 

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Golden Heat Built Our Fortune, Inspired Our Art, Plagued Our Summers and Made Us Who We Are Today

You could argue that everything good that’s happened here has been tied to our glorious weather.

06/27/2018 By Robert Plunket

Why Does Sarasota Usually Avoid a Direct Hit From Major Hurricanes?

Because of the shape of Florida’s land mass and atmospheric factors related to the rotation of the earth, hurricanes tend to make landfall to the south and travel east across Florida, or to curve north and hit the northern Gulf Coast.

06/27/2018 By Pam Daniel

A Historian Looks Back at Transformative Florida Weather Events

In the Sunshine State, epic hurricanes and killer freezes have wrecked economies and changed the landscape. Here are some that stand out .

06/25/2018 By Gary R. Mormino

Bob Harrigan Reflects on Three Decades of Sunshine and Storms

“People come to Florida for the weather. It’s a big factor in what they do every day. It’s also a point of pride—they love to tell friends back home about the weather.”

06/27/2018 By Pam Daniel

Thanks to Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria, There's Never Been a Hurricane Season Like 2017

Though conditions were favorable to storm development all summer, September was the month everything changed.

06/27/2018 By Pam Daniel

How Cuba Saved Florida From a Category 5 Hurricane

Weather expert Bob Bunting’s presentation shows how close the monster storm came to hitting Sarasota.

07/01/2018 By Bob Bunting