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Looking for Long-Term Weight-Loss Solutions?

Look no further: Emily Goodyear joins the integrative medicine team at The Blend Institute in Lakewood Ranch.

Presented by The Blend Institute November 1, 2021

New team member and Bradenton native Emily Goodyear oversees all of the weight-loss programs at The Blend Institute and works closely with each patient.

Common reasons for weight gain include stress, lack of sleep, work-life balance, various medications, hormonal imbalance, depression, medical health factors, and the lack of a true understanding of nutrition. Having survived these past 20 months of the pandemic has looked different to all of us, but The Blend Institute has seen an uptick in patients who’ve experienced weight gains over this trying time, not surprisingly.

Weight loss is a multibillion-dollar industry that leaves many women and men constantly craving the next best thing or a “quick fix.” The barrage of industry messaging—with its gimmicks, potions, and pills—also leaves people feeling jaded and confused.

The Blend Institute is an integrative medicine practice that focuses on a multifaceted approach to weight loss and health care. All age groups, sizes, and backgrounds are welcomed, and they tailor their programs to meet everyone’s unique needs. It may not be quick, but the results are life-changing and long-lasting.

Emily Goodyear, BSN, RN, CNOR, born and raised in Bradenton, has recently joined the team. She attended Florida State University, where she obtained her baccalaureate degree in exercise science, exercise physiology. She pursued a career as a certified personal trainer in the Tampa Bay area, becoming a top female trainer in her region, and obtained specialty certifications in both performance enhancement and corrective exercise.

Wanting to develop further, Emily returned to school and earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing. Most of her nursing career has been in ICU and surgical nursing, including special certifications to serve as a nurse in the operating room. With her expertise in health and wellness and understanding of the human body and nursing processes, she provides patients with tools for long-term success, not just a “quick fix.”

Emily oversees all of the weight-loss programs at The Blend Institute and works closely with each patient. She completes a comprehensive one-on-one consult to get a clearer vision of medical background, medications, lifestyle, stressors, etc. She then devises a plan together with her patients to help them gain a true understanding of how their medical history, daily activities, and caloric and fluid intake can affect the body’s response in becoming successful long-term. She works closely with Dr. Tim Blend, MD, and Kim Blend, APRN, to provide many different weight-loss options including medical weight loss, HCG, supplementation, and nutritional guidance. Preferably, patients are seen weekly for guidance, plan tweaking, and accountability. Visits can vary patient to patient.

“My cardiologist recommended the Blend Institute to help me lose some weight and lose it fast. I was over 300 pounds, and within the last year I have had two heart procedures. I had to do something and do it fast, so I called and made an appointment. After my first consultation with Emily, I felt hopeful but also concerned that I would not be able to hold to such a diet. With her help and guidance, I have lost over 40 pounds in 6 weeks. I feel better, I breathe better, and I have far more energy than I’ve had in a long time. The whole atmosphere of the office is very pleasant, and the people that work there are extremely helpful and positive. I would highly recommend the Blend Institute to anyone that needs to lose some weight.” —Keith, Patient at The Blend Institute, 2021

To learn more or to schedule a consultation with Emily, please contact The Blend Institute at 941-447-1151, or send her a note at [email protected].

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