Bird Watch

What Happened to Our Local Birds During Hurricane Ian?

Sarasota Audubon Society president Jeanne Dubi tells us how birds handle disaster.

10/05/2022 By Isaac Eger

The Storm

How Has Hurricane Ian Affected Sarasota's Water Quality?

Environmentalists say things will likely get worse before they get better.

09/30/2022 By Isaac Eger


How to Stay Cool Without Electricity

Millions of Floridians are without power. Here are a few tricks to stay cool.

09/29/2022 By Isaac Eger

The Damage Done

Photos: The Aftermath of Hurricane Ian

News, videos and photos of the damage wrought by Hurricane Ian are being shared throughout social media

09/29/2022 By Isaac Eger

Live Footage

Where to Watch Live Web Cams of Hurricane Ian

See live footage of Hurricane Ian in Sarasota, Naples, Siesta Beach, Anna Maria, Englewood, Skyway Bridge

09/28/2022 By Isaac Eger

Flood Map

How Bad Will Flooding Be in Sarasota?

NOAA offers an interactive map that will estimate storm surge levels from Hurricane Ian

09/28/2022 By Isaac Eger

Sountrack the Storm

Your Hurricane Ian Playlist

The music we are listening to to ride out the storm

09/27/2022 By Isaac Eger

Shelter From the Storm

What Happens to the Homeless During a Hurricane?

Thousands of unhoused Sarasota residents face uncertainty as Hurricane Ian bears down on the Suncoast.

09/26/2022 By Isaac Eger


Eight Sarasota-Centric Conspiracy Theories That Range From the Very Absurd to the Very Real

From the Skunk Ape to We Build the Wall, Sarasota has played a role in conspiracies both real and imagined.

09/13/2022 By Isaac Eger

Before You Vote

What Will Sarasota County Commission Candidates Do to Address Our Beach Access Crisis?

We asked candidates to tell us what they think needs to be done to resolve the tension between beachgoers and property owners.

08/22/2022 By Isaac Eger

Sitting Empty

Who Killed the Florida House?

Jostling between a construction industry trade organization and multiple governmental bodies has left the house in limbo.

07/25/2022 By Isaac Eger

On the ballot

Local Officials Want to Make It Harder for Citizens to Change the County Charter

To draw attention to the issue, County Commission candidate Mike Cosentino wore a red, white and blue cowboy hat, a muscle-padded suit and a red cape to a public hearing on the topic.

07/13/2022 By Isaac Eger

Citizen Hyde

Everyone Hates Martin Hyde, and He Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Isaac Eger interviews the self-professed bully who just can’t stay out of trouble.

07/05/2022 By Isaac Eger

Yes Scrubs

Seeing a Scrub Jay Is a Bucket List Item for Any True Floridian

The state’s sole endemic bird species can most easily be found at Oscar Scherer State Park.

05/12/2022 By Isaac Eger

Crypto Club

Sarasota Is a Hub for Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs

Sarasota, a place best known for its white sand beaches and its world-class arts scene, has become a destination and an incubator for some of the biggest players in the young and hungry Wild West of crypto.

05/02/2022 By Isaac Eger

The Eagle Has Landed

The Dump Is Probably the Best Place to Spot the Once-Endangered Bald Eagle (Yes, Really)

In his new book, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jack Davis details how there have been two kinds of bald eagles throughout American history: the symbol and the living bird.

03/01/2022 By Isaac Eger

Our Squirrels, Ourselves

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Squirrel

Squirrels, it turns out, are an extension of ourselves. So how can we live in harmony with them?

01/21/2022 By Isaac Eger

Forever Fit

Great Gyms Where You Can Get in Tip-Top Shape in 2022

We asked some svelte, sexy and supple locals, who span the gym spectrum, which gyms they think are best. Here's what they said.

01/04/2022 By Isaac Eger

The Big Story

How the Brian Laundrie Case Hurt Florida

A manhunt, a dead body and a media frenzy over the Gabby Petito-Brian Laundrie tragedy have scarred Carlton Reserve, of our state's most beautiful parks.

12/31/2021 By Isaac Eger

Sound Off

Is Biden Worse on Climate Change than Trump?

Biden has just approved the largest number of Gulf drilling leases in history.

11/29/2021 By Isaac Eger