Garden of Eden

Revisiting Sarasota Jungle Gardens

As a schoolchild, I marveled at Jungle Gardens. But how would my grown-up conscience feel about animals in cages?

06/01/2016 By Isaac Eger

Breezy Rider

Is it Safe to Bike in Sarasota?

Despite its biker-friendly topography, Sarasota can be a dangerous place for pedalers.

04/05/2016 By Isaac Eger

Fare Game

A Night in the Life of a Siesta Key Pedicab Driver

Writing doesn’t pay the bills. So Isaac Eger signed up to drive a pedicab on Siesta Key.

04/01/2016 By Isaac Eger

Creativity Matters

Sir Ken Robinson Speaks at Ringling College Library Association Town Hall

Sir Ken Robinson, the most-watched speaker in the TED Talk video series, spoke at the Van Wezel on Feb. 16.

02/18/2016 By Isaac Eger


A Guide to Sarasota Yoga Studios

Isaac Eger journeys through the many-splendored world of Sarasota yoga.

01/01/2016 By Isaac Eger


Seeking Enlightenment at Sarasota's First-Annual Mystic Bazaar

Isaac Eger reports from the first-ever Mystic Bazaar.

12/01/2015 By Isaac Eger

Young Professionals

A Night at the YPG

Can a young professional like me find a satisfying job and social life in Sarasota?

03/31/2015 By Isaac Eger Photography by Everett Dennison


Jerusalem II

In this update, Isaac realizes the parallel between crossing the boundaries in basketball and crossing the territorial boundaries of Israel.

08/18/2014 By Isaac Eger


Jerusalem 1

In this installment, Sarasotan Isaac Eger plays a pick-up game that's interrupted by an air raid.

08/18/2014 By Isaac Eger


The Land of Milk and Honey

In this update, Isaac travels to the West Bank, discovers his fears are unwarranted and watches from the court as bombs explode each other overhead.

08/18/2014 By Isaac Eger


Freelancing Viscera

Sarasotan Isaac gets a freelance job on why Jews support Germany in the World Cup, which leads to interesting characters and the question of sports and war.

08/18/2014 By Isaac Eger


Tel Aviv II

Falafel, Scientology and American-Israeli relations make up this portion of Isaac's stay in Tel Aviv.

08/18/2014 By Isaac Eger


Tel Aviv I

Isaac moves his game to Tel Aviv where he meets new friends and encounters tougher opposition.

08/18/2014 By Isaac Eger


The Middle East

In the second installment of Isaac Eger's "Courting the World," the young writer travels to the Middle East.

08/12/2014 By Isaac Eger


Courting the World: The Beginning

Sarasota native Isaac Eger reports on playing pickup basketball around the world. First country: Israel.

07/30/2014 By Isaac Eger