17-Unit Apartment Complex Sold for $1.5 Million

Sarasota's Perry Maxwell Development LLC recently purchased Bradenton's Forest West Apartments from another Sarasota company for $1.5 million.

10/24/2016 Research by staff


Bradenton City Council Approves Hotel Development Agreement

The Bradenton City Council on Wednesday unanimously approved a development agreement for a new eight-story, 130-room hotel.

10/13/2016 Research by staff


New Tires Plus Coming to Clark Road

Bridgestone Retail Operations, LLC recently entered into a 20-year lease and has broken ground on a new facility that will become a Tires Plus Total Car Care.

10/11/2016 Research by staff


Chiropractor Leases Space for New Main Street Office

Dr. Jonathan Jones of ChiroStandard recently leased 1,200 square feet of retail space on Sarasota's Main Street.

09/27/2016 Research by staff


Bradenton Office, Warehouse Space Sells for $862,500

Sarasota's Alpha Virtual LLC recently purchased 9,750 square feet of office and warehouse space for just over $862,000.

09/19/2016 Research by staff


Residential Complex Sells for $750,000

Venice's Stephane Willocx last month purchased a 12-unit multi-family residential complex for $750,000.

09/19/2016 Research by staff


Cleaning Company Leases Bradenton Space

Sunshine Cleaning Services recently leased 1,750 square feet of office and warehouse space.

09/16/2016 Research by staff


Sarasota Office, Warehouse Space Sold for $940,000

Myakka City's CLK Holdings, LLC. recently purchased 10,150 square feet of office and warehouse space for $940,000.

09/15/2016 Research by staff


Sarasota Office, Warehouse Space Sells for $800,000

Sarasota's EMF Holdings Inc recently purchased 12,451 square feet of office and warehouse space for $800,000.

09/13/2016 Research by staff


Montessori Preschool Leases Towles Court Space

Melanie Smith of Indigo Montessori School recently leased a 1,451-square-foot building located at 238 Links Ave., Sarasota.

09/06/2016 Research by staff


38.5 Bradenton Acres, Set for Apartment Complex, Sell for $2.7 Million

Tampa's Park 30 Partners, LLC on Wednesday purchased 38.5 acres located at 33rd Street E. and 55th Drive E. in Bradenton for $2.7 million.

09/01/2016 Research by staff


Ellenton Shopping Center Sells

New Jersey's RH Property Holdings, LLC, recently purchased a 6.2-acre shopping center property in Ellenton.

08/25/2016 Research by staff


Downtown Office Sells for $700,000

Sarasota's BL Properties SRQ, LLC recently purchased an 11,000-square-foot office property for $700,000.

08/19/2016 Research by staff


Residential Buildings Go for $1.6 Million

Sarasota's Plaza Land Trust purchased several residential buildings in north Sarasota from Michael Lang and Anne-Marie Lang for $1.6 million in June.

08/16/2016 Research by staff


Community Foundation's Investment Arm Lists 301-Acre Property for Sale

Gulf Coast Strategic Investments, part of the Gulf Coast Community Foundation, recently listed a 301-acre mixed-use property for sale for $24.3 million.

08/15/2016 Research by staff


Two-Story Gulf Gate Building Sells for $395,000

John Rattigan recently purchased the 3,758-square-foot retail building located at 6539 Gateway Ave., Sarasota, for $395,000.

08/12/2016 Research by staff


Industrial Condo Units Sell for $950,000

An Apollo Beach company recently purchased several industrial condo units located at 4535-4557 Northgate Court, Sarasota.

08/11/2016 Research by staff


Mental Health Counseling Service Purchases Office for $192,000

Affordable Mental Health Counseling Services of Sarasota, P.L. recently purchased 100 Wallace Ave., #130, Sarasota, for $192,000.

08/08/2016 Research by staff


Vacant Osprey Land Sells for $159,000

1.5 acres of vacant commercial property was purchased last month for $159,000.

07/28/2016 Research by staff


St. Pete Company Leases Sarasota Office, Warehouse Space

St. Petersburg's Festive Beverages, LLC, recently leased 1,680 feet of office and warehouse space in Sarasota.

07/20/2016 Research by staff