s Sarasota Magazine turns 40, it’s time to reflect on our city’s past and present. We look at the events that shaped us and images from a day in the life of Sarasota now. Plus, our Mr. Chatterbox, Robert Plunket, recalls the lives of some uniquely Sarasota characters. Sit back and take a sentimental journey with us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary of covering the city we love.

In This Feature:

A Day in the Life of Sarasota

Photographers Jenny Acheson, Everett Dennison, Chris Lake, Brad McCourtney and Chad Spencer span the region to capture the things people do and the places they go, from sunrise to moonrise.

02/26/2019 Photography by Jenny Acheson, Everett Dennison, Chris Lake, Brad McCourtney, and Chad Spencer

Eight Sarasotans Who Shaped Our Past

The secret lives only Mr. Chatterbox knows.

02/25/2019 By Robert Plunket

Big Hair, Neon and More: 40 Years of Fashion

Let's take a (sometimes cringey) walk down memory lane.

02/26/2019 By Staff

Remember When You Could Buy a Siesta Key Penthouse for $219,000?

Our Homes 200 advertising section premiered in 1981, showcasing homes for sale at $200,000 and up (“the loftier price brackets,” explained our publisher).

02/26/2019 By Staff

The Best of Mr. Chatterbox: A Night In the Life of Sarasota

There are eight million stories in the Naked City. Fortunately for us all, Mr. Chatterbox could only find about seven in Sarasota. Here they are. It’s Saturday, Feb. 7, 1987…

02/26/2019 By Robert Plunket

40 Years of Limelight Photos

This town has always known how to throw a party—and photographer Rebecca Baxter was there to capture the most important moments.

02/27/2019 Photography by Rebecca Baxter

The Best of Mr. Chatterbox: Hanging Out With the Art Crowd in 1991

When the local arts crowd gets together, the atmosphere is redolent with famous names, serious politics, and lots and lots of money.

02/26/2019 By Robert Plunket

Our First Restaurant Review Reminds Us That This Town Has Always Loved Italian Food

In November 1991, Sally Fine reviewed Bella Roma, Cafe Baci and Cafe Beneva—and discussed the "pleasures and perils" of Sarasota dining.

02/26/2019 By Sally Fine

The Best of Mr. Chatterbox: Fame and Fortune on the Book-Tour Circuit

Mr. Chatterbox reflects on the success of his book, Love Junkie, in October 1992.

02/26/2019 By Robert Plunket

A Look Back at 40 Years of Sarasota Magazine Covers

From our early days as Clubhouse Magazine to now, here's a retrospective of our favorite covers. (That hair! That fashion!)

02/25/2019 By Staff

The Best of Mr. Chatterbox: Why, at the Height of Its Power, in the Late 20th Century, Did Sarasota Suddenly Collapse?

In June 1998, a fever dream causes Mr. C. to think about what future visitors would think of Sarasota.

02/26/2019 By Robert Plunket