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How Bad Will Flooding Be in Sarasota?

NOAA offers an interactive map that will estimate storm surge levels from Hurricane Ian

By Isaac Eger September 28, 2022

Depending on how Hurricane Ian wobbles, Sarasota County might be spared the worst it has to offer. But we are still expected to experience major flooding from storm surge, especially as the storm is is close to Category 5 status.

If you’ve evacuated and want to know some approximation of what kind of flooding your area can experience, NOAA has an interactive flood exposure map that you can use.

Here's a close up of a worst-case, Category 5 flood map. Red areas can expect storm surge greater than 9 feet above ground; orange greater than 6 feet above ground; yellow greater than 3 feet above ground; and blue less than 3 feet above ground.

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