Achievers program alumna and current University of South Florida student Sofia Salazar

The Bank of America Client Foundation has awarded $20,000 to Safe Children Coalition (SCC). These funds will directly support 15-20 students engaged with SCC’s Achievers program with scholarships as they continue their education. To receive a scholarship, youth are required to actively participate in the Achievers program at monthly career and college readiness workshops, Achievers school meetings, financial aid and financial literacy workshops, and various community service events throughout the year.

The Achievers program empowers at-risk, minority and other disadvantaged students to set and achieve goals in both their educational and personal lives, encouraging continuous growth in the areas of personal development, college preparation, community service and leadership, cultural enrichment, and career options. The program, which has served the community for over 30 years, is open to all middle and high school students in Sarasota County. Approximately 200 students are currently involved with the Achievers program.

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