Heather Young Named Sarasota County School District 2020 Teacher of the Year

Young is a 22-year veteran teacher.

By Staff December 12, 2019

Heather Young, 2020 Sarasota County Teacher of the Year, and Dr. Kirk Hutchinson, Venice Elementary principal

Heather Young, a 22-year veteran teacher in her first year of teaching visual arts at Venice Elementary School, was named the 2020 Sarasota County Teacher of the Year. Young will represent district educators at events throughout the 2020 calendar year and will serve as the district’s nominee for state Teacher of the Year. She taught gifted students in elementary through middle school in her first 21 years as an educator in Sarasota County Schools. This is her first year teaching visual arts to grades kindergarten through five. Young said she views her art room as a great venue for teaching problem-solving and a level playing field for all students, whether they are gifted or intellectually disabled.

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