Evacuation Centers Close in Sarasota County, Schools Plan to Reopen Tomorrow

Sarasota County schools serving as Idalia evacuation centers have closed and are prepping for school reopening tomorrow. The School District of Manatee County is still determining its reopening date.

08/30/2023 By Staff

Sexist Standards

Dress Codes vs. the Student Body

Four years after the story of a Bradenton girl receiving a dress code violation went viral, students say little has changed.

08/26/2022 By Chloe Nelson

New School

A New Nursing School Is Open for Fall in Sarasota

The accredited professional nursing school will offer general education evening classes and day-time classes for students to receive a BSN.

08/10/2022 By Allison Forsyth

Gear Up

Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday Starts Next Monday

Take advantage of the savings through Sunday, Aug. 7.

07/19/2022 By Dariela Delgado

From a Psychiatrist

How to Talk to Your Children About School Shootings

"As upsetting as it is to talk about, it's already on the news and social media—they are going to hear about it. It's better that they hear it from their parents and guardians."

05/26/2022 By Allison Forsyth

Breaking News

Sarasota School Board Approves Mask Mandate With Limited Exemptions

The measure will stay in place for 90 days, or until Sarasota County's Covid-19 test positivity rate falls.

08/20/2021 By Cooper Levey-Baker


Sarasota County Schools Announces New Safety Protocols

A rise in pediatric Covid-19 cases has caused the district to make changes to its safety measures.

08/11/2021 By Allison Forsyth


Should Kids Still Be Wearing Masks?

Sarasota Memorial Hospital epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist Dr. Manuel Gordillo answers some important questions about masking and vaccination in children.

07/16/2021 By Allison Forsyth


Debate Over Critical Race Theory Explodes at Sarasota County School Board Meeting

Local teachers have been targeted by an anonymous Facebook group.

07/14/2021 By Kim Doleatto


Sarasota School District Announces Interim Principal for Southside Elementary School

The school system also named a new principal for Sarasota Middle School.

06/09/2021 By Staff


Sarasota Schools Announces New Principals for Phillippi Shores Elementary, Venice High

Holly Staley has been named principal of Phillippi Shores Elementary and Zoltan Kerestely principal of Venice High School

06/03/2021 By Staff

Bye Bye Bully

Anti-Bullying Children’s Book Delivers a Message of Self-Love

Local author and pageant queen Noelia Voigt will read her anti-bullying book to families at Children's World on May 15.

05/12/2021 By Kim Doleatto


Sarasota Educator Named 2022 Florida Teacher of the Year Finalist

Kari Johnson is a kindergarten teacher at Fruitville Elementary School.

05/06/2021 By Staff


Sarasota County Schools Names Executive Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations

Dr. Allison Foster is the current principal of Phillippi Shores Elementary School.

04/07/2021 By Staff

Fast Track

Sarasota School District Announces New Principal for Woodland Middle School

Mark Grossenbacher will remain in his existing principalship at Englewood Elementary until the end of the 2020-21 school year.

03/09/2021 By Staff

Fast Track

Sean Ball Named Head of Upper School at Out-of-Door Academy

Ball began his tenure at Out-of-Door in 1992, teaching Latin, English and history.

02/17/2021 By Staff


Sarasota County Schools Unveils Statue of Groundbreaking Educator

Mrs. Dorothye Smith was the first Black principal hired within the integrated school system in Sarasota County.

02/08/2021 By Staff

Fast Track

Sarasota County Schools Announces Leadership Changes

Chris Renouf has been named assistant superintendent/chief academic officer, and Dr. Harriet Moore has been named director of innovation and equality.

02/01/2021 By Staff

The pandemic

Remote Learning Has Challenged Students, Teachers and Parents Alike

Roughly one out of every five students is currently participating in remote learning in Sarasota County.

01/29/2021 By Cooper Levey-Baker

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An Education in Sarasota Architecture

A new exhibit showcases the history of local architecture.