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City Pilot Program Encourages Homeowners to Plant Mature Trees

Trees provide significant benefits including saving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, cleaning the air and providing wildlife habitat.

By Staff November 21, 2019

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To continue to grow its urban canopy, the City of Sarasota is supporting a community-driven pilot program offering an incentive of up to $500 for residents who plant and maintain a mature tree within program guidelines. Homeowners will purchase the tree and will be required to water, prune and maintain it, as well as invest $100.  The program focuses on planting mature canopy and understory trees with a minimum two-inch caliper. Planting is limited to the right of way or within 10 feet of the right of way. Participants can select from over two dozen approved species, from pink tabebuia to shady lady to live oak.  A complete list of approved trees and program details are available in the Mature Tree Canopy Pilot Program guidelines.

Participants are required to complete a streamlined administrative process; once the planting is verified by city staff, the city will reimburse the resident up to $500. The initial phase program includes 50 trees on a first come, first serve basis. More detailed information is available here

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