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Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Announces Theme of This Year’s Orchid Show

Thousands of orchids and other plants will be on display beginning October, 12, 2019.

By Staff August 7, 2019

Image: Shutterstock

The annual Orchid Show at Selby Gardens returns October 12, 2019 with The Orchid Show: Blossoms of Asia. The exhibition explores the variety and beauty of orchids found throughout Asia.

Through December 1, 2019, the gardens will feature an Asian-inspired landscape design, an opportunity to feature different orchid species and enable an examination of the cultural significance of orchids in Asian art, philosophy and religion. Blossoms of Asia will combine a display of living orchids in the Tropical Conservatory with an exhibition of orchid treasures from Selby’s bibliographic and preserved collections in the Museum of Botany and the Arts. Several exhibition themed events and programs will accompany the show.

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