Women’s Resource Center Awards $28,000 in Scholarships to Women Seeking Higher Education

Twenty-eight women received scholarships from individual donors to further their education.

By Staff July 8, 2019

Scholarship recipients Karly Linsberg, Kendra Mingleton, Jeanette Ocasio, Shyla Robinett, Trenise Sutton.

On Sunday, May 19, the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) held a scholarship award ceremony at its Sarasota center, located at 340 S. Tuttle Ave. The 28 scholarship recipients who were selected demonstrated a high level of commitment and determination to meet their educational goals.  These women have also agreed to participate in the Women’s Resource Center’s mentorship program, a new initiative to encourage engagement with WRC programs and services throughout these students’ journey to empowerment through education. The assistance provided to these women is made possible by the contributions of individual donors and the WRC's scholarship fund.

The recipients are:

Jean Abrams Academic Scholarship

Sara Johnson

Anne Beckstein Academic Scholarship

Avigayil Klein 

Beverly Dennis Academic Scholarship

Natalie French

Entre Nous Academic Scholarship

Eryn LaLonde

Karin’s Causes Academic Scholarship

Tarra Driskell

Linda Mickelberg Memorial Scholarship

Angelina Labadie 

Mary Parker Academic Scholarship

Karly Linsberg

Kendra Mingleton

Jeanette Ocasio

Shyla Robinett

Trenise Sutton

Nancy Schlossberg Academic Scholarship

Charlotte Gross

Betty Schoenbaum Family Foundation Scholarship

Odessa Ammons

Shelondo Arroyo

Briana Arthur

Marjorie Bautista

Reesa Bland

Juliana Camara

Stacey Chaisson

Jennifer Chouinard

Felicia Phillips

Jessica Miles

Babe Weiller Memorial Scholarship of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

Tahmina Amiri

WRC Scholarship Fund

Thelma Upshaw

Antonia Ventura

Krya Waters

Danielle White

Diana Martin

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