Sarasota Magazine Wins 21 Awards at Florida Magazine Association Annual Conference

The awards were for writing, design and digital excellence.

By Staff July 15, 2019

Sarasota Magazine editor in chief Susan Burns and art director Lauren Pritchard accept awards at the Florida Magazine Association annual conference on Saturday, July 12.

Sarasota Magazine won 21 awards for writing, design and digital excellence at the Florida Magazine Association 2019 conference in St. Petersburg on Saturday night, including nine first-place Charlie awards, seven Silver awards and five Bronze awards.

Sarasota Magazine was the top award-winner in the state for number of awards. Below is the full list of winners.

Charlie Awards*

Best Feature:  “Breaking Away” (Susan Burns)

Best Public Service Coverage: “The Survivor” (Cooper Levey-Baker)

Best Service Feature  “Go Wild” (Su Byron)

Best Editorial/Commentary/Opinion (all consumer publications) “Truth, Lies and Melissa Howard" (Robert Plunket)

Best Feature Headlines (all consumer publications)  Staff

Best Traditional Illustration (all consumer publications) (Jongmee Kim)

Best Photography Cover "Platinum" 2018 (Mark Farmwald, Lauren Thomas)

Best Design Typography  “Best Brews” (Gigi Ortwein)

Best Design Use of Photography “Go Wild,” “Best Brews,” “Let’s Do Lunch” (Gigi Ortwein)

*Unless otherwise indicated, prize was awarded for our circulation category 

Silver Awards*

Best Overall Design (all consumer publications) (Gigi Ortwein)

Best Feature “The Giving Sea” (Isaac Eger)

Best Service Features  “Life of the Party” (Ilene Denton)

Best Photography Department Image (all consumer publications) “Cowgirl” (Fred Lopez)

Best Design Typography  “Love, Sarasota Style” (Gigi Ortwein)

Best Design Feature  “Let’s Do Lunch” (Gigi Ortwein)

Best Social Media (all consumer publications) (Megan McDonald)

*Unless otherwise indicated, prize was awarded for our circulation category 

Bronze Awards*

Best Traditional Illustration (all consumer publications) “Adventures in Reading” (Dale Edwin Murray)

Best Design Cover  “Platinum” 2018 (Lauren Thomas, Gigi Ortwein, Mark Farmwald)

Best Consumer Website (all consumer publications) (Megan McDonald)

Best Overall Writing, Susan Burns, Sarasota Magazine staff

Best Overall Magazine, Susan Burns, Gigi Ortwein, Kelley Lavin

*Unless otherwise indicated, prize was awarded for our circulation category  

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