Habitat for Humanity increased its community impact by 82 percent over the previous year.

Habitat for Humanity Sarasota, Inc. served 22 families, including 34 children, with permanent, affordable housing during its last fiscal year, increasing its impact in the community by 82 percent over the previous year. That growth was made possible thanks to the support of 717 volunteers who contributed 17, 176 hours building homes; 477 donors who supported the organization financially; and patrons of Habitat's ReStore, which generated $1.86 million in sales revenue. 

“Affordable housing for families in Sarasota and across our beautiful nation is gaining the support and visibility it deserves as a critical issue,” Renee Snyder, president and CEO of Habitat Sarasota, said at Habitat's annual breakfast and fellowship breakfast. “Affordable housing affects our community across all sectors.”

To view a copy of Habitat Sarasota’s complete Community Impact report, visit https://habitatsrq.org/community-impact.

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