Palmetto Firm Hires Defense, Energy Consultants

Hartwell Capitol Consulting recently added Walt Steiner and Roman Katynski to its team.

By Staff December 20, 2018

Walt Steiner (left) and Roman Katynski

Palmetto's Hartwell Capitol Consulting recently hired two new consultants: Walt Steiner and Roman Katynski. As a Hartwell vice president, Steiner will concentrate on Navy and defense policy, legislative issues and local business development, while Katynski will concentrate on energy and waste-to-energy technologies, energy procurement and energy and utility audits. Hartwell was founded 18 years ago and now has 70 consultants covering approximately 100 countries, offering business and technology development services, public relations and federal lobbying. Steiner is a retired United States Navy helicopter pilot and squadron leader who served in Vietnam. Katynski is a certified energy procurement professional with a master of business administration degree in energy and environmental management.

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