Pain management specialists dr. gennady gekht and dr. richard h. bundschu dvtmu9

Drs. Gennady Gekht (left) and Richard Bundschu

Pain management specialists Drs. Richard Bundschu and Gennady Gekht, of the orthopedic, sports medicine and pain management practice Coastal Orthopedics, recently led a course for physicians on spinal cord stimulators at Tampa's Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation. In the cadaver course sponsored by Nevro Corporation, a leader in the field of spinal cord stimulation, Bundschu and Gekht taught around 20 physicians how to insert spinal cord stimulators. The stimulators, which are surgically placed under a patient's skin to send a mild electrical current to the spinal cord, can help treat chronic pain. Coastal Orthopedics is one of only six locations selected nationally to participate in a Nevro study related to neck and upper extremity pain.