IT’S AN APP, APP WORLD :: 19 Cool Apps You Should Know

By Megan McDonald January 20, 2012

Don’t you just love when a friend tips you off to a new smartphone app?  It’s almost like an E.F. Hutton moment…so, if you have room for another app or three, or just want a deterrent from your to-do list, here are a few apps that you should know:

My Picks:

Flixster :: Get show times, watch trailers and read critics’ reviews

Currency Calculator ::  This app is incredibly helpful while shopping in other currencies!

Sunrise Sunset ::  Planning and event and want to know what time the sun will set on May 12, 2012 or May 12, 2014? Or want to take your sweetheart for a sunrise stroll on the beach?  Then this app is for you.

FlightTrack :: an essential tool for the traveler or the partner of a road warrior.  Real-time departure info, gate numbers, cancellation alerts and even an in-flight map.

Google Translate :: Simply translates text or spoken words into other languages.

If you’re unfamiliar with GOOP, it’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s blog and website. This is her first GOOP app: what to do in NYC.  And who doesn’t want to know what GP knows about a hip city?

The Weather Channel :: Weather wherever you are.  Rhis app will GPS you in any U.S. city, check the local forecast and even send severe weather warning alerts.  No more waiting to catch the morning news to find out whether you need those galoshes or not.

Flipboard :: Flipboard is the social magazine of your life. It’s one place to check in for a snapshot of aggregated content that’s happening across your social networks.

Spotify ::  This is the app for musicphiles and a new way to listen to and discover music.  Millions of tracks are available to download and share, read reviews, get lyrics and even find your new favorite band’s gig this weekend.

eBay + PayPal:: One just goes with the other – these are essential app utilities for those of us addicted to the countdown of online bidding.  Stay ahead of those eBay sharks that get your item in the last seconds…

Instagram ::  Even though it was the “iPhone App of the Year” for 2011, it still seems a relative unknown.  But, there’s a tight-knit group that uses this camera app. So much so it should have a secret password.

Recommendations from Facebook Friends:

Claudia Zuluaga suggested GoSkyWatch Planetarium ::  Just point at the sky (no buttons to press or orientation schemes to follow) and begin exploring the solar system.


Trish Mills Valera suggested MyFitnessPal :: Helps track your calories, exercise and weight loss progess, even has a database of more than 1,382,000 foods and restaurant items to make eating out manageable.

Trish also suggested Find My Friends :: Which maps where your friends and family are – Trish says it’s a great way to keep track of your teenagers!

Renee Hamad suggested  Zynga :: A games app that includes Words with Friends (Note: remember Alec Baldwin getting kicked off a plane? This is what he was playing!) and FarmVille. You may have seen FarmVille featured on the Today Show or Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Zynga also has the Top Free and the Top Paid app on the App Store – which is one in the same:  Scramble with Friends

Liebe Smith Gamble suggested Dynamic Light :: A camera app that adjusts your photo with a vibrant HDR-like look.


Dynamic Light


Kelly Corsetti Guerra suggested ShopSavvy :: Scan the barcode of an item and this app will comparison shop for you!  Oohhh, that sounds addicitive.

Kelly also suggested AroundMe ::  Ever wondered where the nearest gas station is when you’re out of your element?  This app quickly allows you to get your bearings of the unfamiliar surroundings.

Kelli Mitchell suggested Shazam :: Can’t put your finger on the title of that tune that’s playing in your nail salon?  Lovin’ the tune playing at lunch?  Just tap the Shazam app, hold the phone up the song and voilà :  the track will be identified for you. It’s like having a music genie in your phone.

So, what’s on your phone?  Share your fave by leaving a comment below.

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