Modern Marvel

By Robert Plunket February 9, 2011


325 S. Shore

Designed late in his career, this Sarasota School of Architecture gem shows off Ralph Twitchell at his best. The modern master got it perfect this time, with strong horizontal lines and beautiful proportions. Add a historic location—the museum area—and sheltered sailboat water, and you have a house that will bring out the modernist in anyone.

The exterior has a “California” look and suggests there’s a nice ranch home inside. Instead, you open the door and step into a world of late 1960s splendor. But it’s not the least bit kitschy. This is elegant and refined 1960s. It’s Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy, relaxing on a Knoll sofa. Check out the built-ins in the master bedroom and the copper fireplace hood in the living room.


Living room

It’s also a good size. They built small houses back in those days, but this one has a formal dinning room and a separate den, so there’s a lot of living area, plus three bedrooms and two and a half baths. The kitchen has been discreetly updated, as have the baths, and aside from a little more landscaping, you can move right in.



It’s on a premium block of the museum area, surrounded by an eclectic group of large homes in every style, including some of the flashier descendants of this one. But if you want the real thing—a Sarasota School masterpiece—this may be the one you’ve been waiting for. It’s priced at $1,395,000 and is listed by Nora Johnson at (941) 809-1700.

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