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By Robert Plunket November 1, 2009

This month:

Rethinking those Old Masters at the Ringling.

Did you know the Ringling Museum is free on Mondays? Ever since I found that out I’m there all the time. Lunch at Treviso, then a stroll past the paintings—a perfect afternoon. Although I have noticed that many of the paintings seem to be incorrectly titled. Maybe it’s budget cutbacks or something. Anyway, I’ve taken the liberty of providing you, the museum-going public, with the proper titles for the museum’s unparalleled collection of Old Masters.

1. Matt Orr in a New Outfit from Stitch

2. Saturday Night at the Motel 6, Bradenton, Florida

3. Betsy Kane-Hartnett Prepares for This Year’s "Wine, Women, and Shoes"

4. Cliff Roles Being Led Offstage after Failing to Secure an Opening Bid at a Charity Auction

5. After-party at Last Month’s UnGala Gala

6. Chris Pfahler Soliciting Contribution to Sarasota Ballet’s Endowment Fund

Special thanks to the Ringling Museum for allowing Mr. C. to have his way with its amazing collection. And now for the real captions. Page 33: Peter Paul Rubens’ Portrait of Archduke Ferdinand, Jacques Stella’s King Candaules Shows Gyges His Wife Queen Nyssia, Domenico Gargiulo’s Bathsheba at Her Bath. This page: Rubens’ The Departure of Lot and His Family from Sodom, Jan Steen’s The Rape of the Sabine Women, Simon Vouet’s Time Discovering the Love of Venus and Mars. All are from the collection of the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art, open seven days a week and free on Mondays. To learn more, go to

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