Hidden Gem

By Robert Plunket November 11, 2009

Big on space and charm, this home in Sarasota’s Hidden Forest has a gorgeous garden and great location.


By Robert Plunket


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One of the things I love about Sarasota is that there are lots of neighborhoods all over town that most people know nothing about, where you can find wonderful houses tucked away under the trees that are full of atmosphere and charm. One such place is Hidden Forest, up near DeSoto Acres. Built as a development of “executive homes” back in the 1970s, it’s matured into a stable enclave of cul de sacs and acre-plus lots, the sort of place a doctor would raise his or her family, where there is very little turnover and homes remain in the same family for decades.


4417 Mink Road

But Hidden Forest also has its artistic side – it contains a famous Carl Abbott house - and today we’re taking a look at one of the most artistic. A four-bedroom, three-bath home from 1977, this house is full of special touches that add a lot of value to the $374,900 asking price.




First, the lot. It’s an acre in size and perfect for a gardener. The current owner has it divided in a series of lawns and planted areas, some open and sunny, some shaded, each one a little different. I personally love a garden but don’t want a lot of work, and this house seems to fit the bill. The current owner does everything herself and has it carefully planned so it’s very low maintenance. There’s even a bamboo grove, and when the wind blows you can here the giant stalks, some four stories high, gently clacking against each other.



The house itself is built around a pool, onto which the major rooms open. The family room is particularly nice – on one side you have the pool and on the other the garden. The house has been well maintained but you might want to do some updating. Additional features include two master suites, a terrace off the master bath, and a fourth bedroom upstairs with a separate entrance. And while some houses claim to have an artist’s studio, this one really does. It’s set out in the garden and was used as a workspace by a professional artist. It has northern light and plenty of storage.



Hidden Forest is less than 15 minutes from downtown and surrounded by a quasi-rural atmosphere of dirt roads, horses, at least one goat farm. Mink Road passes through it; it’s named after the Mink family, who still own 30 or so acres. Sometimes Mrs. Mink’s cows get loose and wander into the neighbor’s yards. It’s about as far away from the prissiness of a gated community as you can get.



And the house comes with another special amenity – a three-legged cat who lives out in the garden. The owner says she’d take the cat along if need be, but what could be better karma than a house that comes with a three-legged cat?


The realtor is Alex Krumm, (941) 234-3597

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