Sweetening the Pot

By Robert Plunket May 21, 2008


Phillippi Landings offers condos--and incentives--worth considering.

By Robert Plunket


Quick – what’s the reason people aren’t buying? That’s right – they’re afraid the prices will go even lower. So they’re holding off, waiting to see how low things will go. In the meantime, years are starting to pass and we’re all getting older and we’re not enjoying those wonderful new condos.


Well, the developers at Phillippi Landings have figured out a way around this. If your apartment hasn’t maintained or increased in value after three years, they’ll either buy it back or refund the difference. There’s some fine print involved, of course, but I’ve checked it out and it’s basically on the level.

The exterior of Phillippi Landings.

Everybody knows Phillippi Landings. It’s that very elaborate mid-rise place down by Kane’s Furniture on the South Trail. They had one of the decorator showcases there a year or so back, and I must say, after touring the models, that the rooms are big, the ceilings are high, and the apartments can accommodate a lot of high-end decorating. Units range from just over 1,700 square feet and go up to some very elaborate penthouses at almost 3,000 square feet.


Prices start at just under half a million and go up to over $2 million. To sweeten the pot the developer is offering a great deal on upgrades. You can basically get anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 in custom millwork, door, cabinets, floors, countertops, etc., all included in the price of your unit. I saw examples of the custom work and it’s terrific. (There are resale units available at Phillippi Landings – starting at $429,000 – but keep in mind they don’t offer the price guarantee or the upgrades.)

From top, a Phillippi Landings condo's living room, bathroom and a view of the boardwalk.

I’m not a big amenities person – I think the condos should stand on their own – but Phillippi Landings has a particularly good package. You can get your own dock (it’s extra, of course, but you’re practically in the bay already) and the setting, right along Phillippi Creek, is very pretty in an Old Florida kind of way. Best of all, it’s very pet-friendly. They take big dogs and there’s a special fenced in dog park so Pee Wee can run around unleashed.


The location may seem a little strange at first, as there is nothing quite like it in the adjacent neighborhood. But it’s right in the middle of things, midway between downtown and south Sarasota. Think of it as adjacent to the Landings, the upscale gated community just to the west. It was built back in the ‘70s by the same developer – Ramar – and has certainly stood the test of time. All in all, it’s a great alternative to downtown.
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