Got a Million?

By Robert Plunket August 7, 2007

You might want to spend it at Burns Court Villas.


I finally checked out Burns Court Villas, those new townhouses at the south end of Burns Court. I had no idea what they would be like and was fearing the worst, or rather, the ordinary, but guess what? They’re sensational. Beautifully done, very atmospheric. If you’re thinking of spending a million or so downtown, you’ve got to give them a look.

            The whole urban thing really works here. That particular part of Sarasota is the town at its most “village-y,” and right outside your door are Citrus and El Habanero and 516 and the movies and great housewares shopping. You even have a convenience store—the Short Stop—that really is convenient. Everything is just the right scale, about three stories high. True, there are lots of high-rises surrounding you, but they’re far enough away so that you feel you’re right in the middle of a little enclave of hip urbanity. And instead of those high-rise views of endless glare off the water you get treetops and tropical plants.


Burns Court Villas


            It really gives you hope for how nice those other low-rise projects (Valencia and Citrus Square) might—just might—turn out.

            They have two models, a two-story model and a three-story model. Each has its own pluses, and I couldn’t really pick a favorite. (And don’t worry; the three-story one has its own elevator.) The finishes and detailing are superior and seemed a cut above many other downtown projects. And you want to know what really makes a difference? Ten-foot ceilings.

            In fact, once you get inside you really do get the feeling that you’re in an old European townhouse, in Barcelona or maybe Palermo. This is a different interpretation of tropical living—not so much bright and sunny but more cool and shady and a tad formal. They’ll look sensational with traditional antique furniture. And I love the little balconies. Great for people watching.

Inside a villa.

            It’s my understanding that there are no more builder’s units available, but there are resales. Fernando Viteri at Sky Sotheby’s showed me around; he’s listing a three- story model, never lived in, with spectacular wood floors, for $1, 079,000. Call 308-6477.


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