10 Hottest Neighborhoods

Did yours make the list? Plus, 20 great Mexican restaurants and the unsolved art heist that rocked our city.

In this issue:

Arts & Entertainment

Cold Case

The Heist That Rocked Sarasota's Art World

In 1969, thieves made off with 15 of Ben Stahl’s most famous paintings. The heist ruined him financially and left behind a mystery that has never been solved.

03/03/2023 By Robert Plunket

Let's Dance

Local Salsa Fans Keep the Genre Alive by Connecting With Its Rich History

Salsa surged in popularity in the 1970s, primarily through the immigrant diaspora dancing to the fusion of the new sounds of Caribbean and African beats with jazz rhythms.

03/01/2023 By Andrea González

Eat & Drink

For Whom the Bell Tolls

'I Love Taco Bell. There, I Said It.'

In a state and a region that are overflowing with quality Mexican restaurants, does Mexican-inspired fast food even have a place? Our writer argues yes.

04/12/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Los Mejores

Our Favorite Local Mexican Restaurants

Mexican Americans and Mexican immigrants enrich our community in so many ways, and their influence can be seen in the restaurants that punctuate nearly every neighborhood in town.

03/03/2023 By Lauren Jackson

All Dogs Go to Boo's

Expect Food, Fun and Fur at Boo's Ice House and Dog Bar

"That's what we’re envisioning for Boo’s: a community center and an asset for dogs and dog lovers.”

03/01/2023 Photography by Lauren Jackson

Restaurant Review

Modern Middle Eastern Cuisine Finds a Home at Florence and the Spice Boys

As friendly as the vibe is, as funky and cool as the interior is, it’s the food that will keep you coming back. 

02/15/2023 By Lauren Jackson

Fashion & Shopping

Fan Favorites

What to Wear to Spring Training

Spring training is back. Here are six stylish items that will help you stand out from the crowd.

03/09/2023 By Elizabeth Djinis

Home & Real Estate

A Whole New World

10 Neighborhoods Where Everything Is Changing

From new roundabouts and a downtown condo boom to expansive sprawl and new McMansions, our region’s profile is in flux.

03/03/2023 By Kim Doleatto

News & City Life

Essential Intelligence

Everything You Need to Know About American Alligators

Lesser-known facts about our hair-raising neighbors.

03/20/2023 By Bethany Ritz

Only in Sarasota

Time Stands Still at Historic Spanish Point's Sunken Garden and Pergola

They were constructed by wealthy Sarasota socialite Bertha Palmer in the early 1900s.

03/01/2023 By John Pirman

Plot Twist

Finding Your Roots Is Easier Than Ever. But For Some Sarasotans, the Results Weren’t What They Expected

Some genealogy seekers have a passion for history ignited early in life. Others experience a triggering incident.

03/01/2023 By Emily Leinfuss

With Arms Wide Open

Sarasota Churches Offer Sanctuary and Hope to LGBTQ Christians

We spoke to leaders of five local LGBTQ-affirming churches to learn about their histories, congregations and the ways they’re maintaining hope amid anti-LGBTQ bigotry and political assaults.

03/01/2023 By Hannah Wallace

From the Editor

The Freedom to Read

Fear will drive good teachers out of the school system and undermine people’s trust in public education.

03/01/2023 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Putting Down Roots

One Man's Quest to Re-Wild the Intracoastal's Forgotten Islands

“I can’t stop the real estate developers, but I can save little pieces of Florida here and there,” John Hoover says.

03/01/2023 By Isaac Eger

Travel & Outdoors

Learn the Ropes

Boating Is a Beloved Florida Pastime, But It's Not Always Smooth Sailing

With Florida ranking No. 1 in boating accidents in the country, here are some stats to consider as we take to the waves this summer.

05/26/2023 By Bethany Ritz