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Dig In

Plant Some Seeds at One of Sarasota’s Eight Community Gardens

Community gardening is a lesson in both people and plants.

04/09/2024 By Giulia Heyward


A Developer Wants to Build 170 New Homes Next to the Celery Fields. Environmentalists Are Concerned.

Negotiations are underway to rezone 26 acres of land known as Smith Farm to facilitate its sale to Arlington, Texas-based D.R. Horton.

10/13/2023 By Jim DeLa/Community News Collaborative

Plant the Seeds

Sarasota County's Master Gardener Volunteer Plant Sale Is Set for Oct. 14

The event is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get plants and advice for your landscape.

09/20/2023 By Staff

History Moves

This Historic Home Needs a New Home

The Historic Preservation Board voted to deny the demolition of the more than century-old McAlpin House.

07/12/2023 By Kim Doleatto


Business Leaders Say Florida's New Immigration Law Will Make It Harder and More Expensive to Build

The construction industry may take a blow once the state’s new immigration bill takes effect July 1.

06/14/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Dive In

Dive Into Four Luxurious Local Pools

These four incredible outdoor spaces will have you eager to go for a swim.

05/31/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Trees, Please

Where to Get a Free Tree for Earth Day

The benefits of trees are many—from lessening the impacts of climate change to increasing happiness.

04/20/2023 By Staff

Future Time

Sarasota Climate Conference Emphasizes Opportunities in a Growing Crisis

Last week's climate conference noted ways in which solving the climate crisis is not only possible, it's profitable.

02/13/2023 By Bethany Ritz

Old Flame

A New Program Seeks to Save Sarasota's Historic Homes and Buildings Forever

Property owners can now apply for an easement that bars demolition in perpetuity.

01/27/2023 By Kim Doleatto

Sidewalk Art

What's Up With Those Zigzag Sculptures on Cocoanut Avenue?

John Dehn, who lives in the historic Central Cocoanut neighborhood north of downtown Sarasota, is the man behind the zigzag.

01/25/2023 By Kim Doleatto


A Glimpse of Sarasota From the Air in 1923

Here's a chance to look back on the changes that this city has experienced over the past century.

12/30/2022 By Bethany Ritz

Top 10 in 2022

10 Great Reads From a Year Full of Them

Our editor-in-chief picks some of his favorite stories from 2022.

12/28/2022 By Cooper Levey-Baker

Play in the Dirt

10 Easy-to-Grow Vegetables That Thrive in Florida

Renourish your yard and garden at two upcoming plant sales.

10/10/2022 By Yasi Bahmanabadi

Energy Saver

20 Tips to Ease Your Environmental Impact—and Save Money, Too

Check out this list of DIY tips that can help save money on your energy bill today, and lessen your impact on the environment for a better tomorrow.

08/31/2022 By Kim Doleatto

Summer trend

Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis With a Water Feature or Pond

Two local experts share tips on how to elevate your outdoor space—and the mini-ecosystem a body of water can bring.

06/07/2022 By Kim Doleatto


The Health Benefits of Owning Houseplants

Turns out your indoor jungle isn't just pretty—it's good for your health, too. Here are some benefits for the greenest thumbs and gardening newbies alike.

04/29/2022 By Allison Forsyth

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Pine View School's Garden Is Teaching Kids the Importance of Sustainability

The garden is almost completely student-run, and all materials used in its development were repurposed.

04/15/2022 By Allison Forsyth

Green thumb

Update Your Yard With These 10 Hardy Plants

A local gardening expert shares a list of easy-to-care-for plants, along with tips, for making them thrive this season.

04/13/2022 By Samantha Lane

Growing Influence

How a Sarasota Houseplant Enthusiast Became a Major TikTok Plant Influencer

Cameron Curry is not your average plant parent.

10/18/2021 By Dedriana Perry


Venice Wins National 'America in Bloom' Award

The city was awarded the “Eye Popping Pots – Best Use of Containers in the Landscape” special award.

09/30/2021 By Staff