Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick's Lakewood Ranch Home Has Sold

After three months on the market, the ultra-private Lake Club Home in Lakewood Ranch was sold to a local couple for $3.25 million cash.

By Kim Doleatto September 6, 2023

The home where Jagger, Hamrick, their son and their cat lived in Lake Club, Lakewood Ranch, has sold.

Lakewood Ranch —once "officially validated as the coolest place in town" when rock 'n' roll legend Mick Jagger bought a home there, is now officially a little less cool. 

Three months after putting their Lake Club, Lakewood Ranch home on the market, Rolling Stones frontman Jagger and his longtime partner Melanie Hamrick, an author, retired ballerina and choreographer, have sold their home to a local couple. Jagger and Hamrick purchased the home for $1.98 million in 2020 (her mother lives in nearby Bradenton).

We wrote about it when was originally listed for $3,499,000 million back in June. The sale closed for $3.25 million on Aug. 29. The new homeowners paid cash and no, the purchase did not include meeting the mega rock star—but “I’m sure the fact that [Jagger] lived there will be a great conversation starter when they have guests,” says listing agent Christine Spelman of RE/MAX Alliance Group, who also knows the Hamrick family personally.

The home sits on 15,255 square feet, includes a heated saltwater pool and spa, a bell tower and stealth-level privacy.

According to Jagger’s Instagram account, we know he did spend time at the home. He signed off on some creative Rolling Stones logos and spent some quality time with his gray-and-white cat hanging out in the home’s backyard lanai last year.


But the home may have sold even sooner if the deal had included a meet-and-greet, at least judging by the calls Spelman received while it was on the market. 

The couple poured roughly $300,000 into updating the home after they purchased it in 2020.

“I got a lot of crazy calls from people saying they would buy it if they could meet him," she says. "But the real interested buyers were business people who weren't coming just for the name.” 

Hamrick, who now choreographs dance and is an author, spent ​​15 years with American Ballet Theater. While in the area, she volunteered to teach children at Sarasota Ballet.

The biggest selling point for serious buyers, however, was the home's privacy. Jagger and Hamrick, who have been together since 2014 and have a 6-year-old child, spent almost $80,000 on a lush, soaring screen of landscaping to shield their home from potential photographers hoping to catch a glimpse of them. And, of course, there are all the bells and whistles of the home's top-notch security system. 

One of four bedrooms.

“Interested buyers were wealthy, and with that often comes security concerns, so that's what people really loved. I suggested they could cut back the landscaping, but everyone said, 'No way,'" Spelman says. 

Inside the four-bedroom, five-and-a-half-bathroom home, privacy also was part of the layout. The home eschewed the ubiquitous "open floor plan," and “one of their designers had put in a lot of pocket doors for more privacy with staff,” Spelman says. The house is also bordered by water on two sides, which serves as a modern-day moat.

Outdoor terrace

Other than privacy, the fully gated Lake Club community was also a big selling point for the new buyers, who were already familiar with the area. According to public records, they purchased a $2.13 million home just over a mile away from this one last year. Before that, they sold another home just half a mile away.

Seating area

As for Jagger and Hamrick, business pulled them in other directions, and the 5,725-square-foot home was too much upkeep. But they'll be back, Spelman assures us. In the future, she sees them possibly buying something smaller—like perhaps a condo in downtown Sarasota

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