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'Get Bent' at a Sarasota Couple’s New Yoga Studio

Janine and Joshua Martin opened Get Bent Yoga Studio on Monday. They share some tips on how to meditate at home.

Photography by Kim Doleatto March 5, 2021

Janine and Joshua Martin hold a "mermaid" pose at their new yoga studio, Get Bent, which opened this week.

Janine and Joshua Martin want you to get bent at their new yoga studio, called, of course, Get Bent Yoga Studio, but they also want you to “smile, and know that everything is going to be OK,” says Janine. In a town with a well-appointed yoga scene that sometimes touts trendy gimmicks and name-brand fashions, cultivating a space of acceptance is paramount at Get Bent.

“We don't want anyone to feel self-conscious. We don't care what you're wearing or whether you can do a handstand. We just want you to show up for yourself,” says Janine.

Ordinarily, the married couple would be saving up to feed their wanderlust, but the pandemic put a stop to what used to be their mobile lifestyle. After visiting 11 different countries in recent years, and visiting 16 national parks right before the first Covid-19 case hit the headlines, they’ve made Sarasota home and want to help the community feel healthy in both mind and body.

“Some people get intimidated when they see some of our poses. We're very qualified teachers who can offer advanced skills, but we accommodate all levels," says Joshua. "Human connection is huge right now and we want to offer comfort first.”

The couple's yoga practice approaches will include Yin, meditation and power flows. Yin is more of an “internal, emotional practice rather than physical,” according to Janine, while power flows get your body moving and meditation grounds the mind through breath.

With the stress effects of the pandemic, the couple credits meditation for their resilience and health, and if you can't make it to the studio, they shared some tips with Sarasota Magazine on how to make it a regular ritual at home:

  • Find the most comfortable position possible. Stand, lay down or sit–it’s up to you.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Make your breath the loudest thing you hear.
  • If you're breathing and you're comfortable, remember you're never in the wrong place or doing the wrong thing.
  • It's not about tuning out thoughts, but accepting them without judgment as they travel through you, while relaxing all parts of the body.

“You'll benefit more from five minutes of meditation than none. So do whatever you can commit to,” says Joshua. “Do it every day. Start today.” 

Get Bent Yoga Studio is located at 3131 Clark Road, #203, Sarasota. To book a class online or inquire about private lessons, call (941)-812-1590 or visit the studio’s website.

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