Blood Bank Is Asking for Plasma Donations

SunCoast Blood Centers is asking Covid-19 survivors to donate plasma.

By Staff December 14, 2020

If you are a Covid-19 survivor, you may be able to help those currently struggling. Staff at SunCoast Blood Centers are asking recovered Covid-19 patients to donate convalescent plasma to help treat life-threatening cases of the virus.

One out of five Covid-19 patients need convalescent plasma in order to heal. This plasma, which stores vital antibodies, remains in a portion of the survivor's blood. Transfusing this plasma into someone still sick could boost their immune system.

College students returning home for the holidays are encouraged to donate, and will receive a $50 Amazon gift card for every successful donation.  SunCoast Blood Centers provides convalescent plasma to Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Manatee Memorial Hospital, Moffitt Cancer Center and eight other local hospitals at no coast.

If you are interested in donating, schedule an appointment by calling (941) 993-8119 or emailing [email protected].

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