What’s in My Closet

Tiffany Lowe Gives Us a Tour of Her Closet and Shows Off Her Favorite Pieces

"I just like to be well dressed."

By Jessika Ward August 31, 2022

Fashionistas inspire others by being themselves—using clothes, bags, shoes and accessories to tell the world who they are. When we think about people who have huge closets, storing items worth more than $100,000, we think of A-list celebrities. However, serious fashionistas are a lot closer to us than you might think.

Tiffany Lowe is a real estate investor who lives in Sarasota. She owns close to 20 apartment units, and is tenacious and driven. And when she isn’t working, it’s safe to assume she is traveling or shopping. On Lowe’s Instagram account, she shares photos of her vacations, outfits, expensive bags and drop dead gorgeous shoes and accessories. Her closet—actually its own room—is home to around 10 Chanel bags, nearly 20 pairs of Louboutin heels and much more. She has expensive taste and a beautiful space to display it. Here's a look inside.

Who or what got you into fashion?

"A long time ago, I wanted to do a women’s line of clothing. When I started working out, one thing that always motivated me how I looked in the gym. That morphed into daily wear, so I told my husband, 'I want to do something really cool—like a clothing line or something.' He told me I should start a blog because I didn’t have an audience to sell to. I started Fall for Fashion 12 years ago, and that started me on my journey into fashion. As I change as a woman, so does my style."

How do you feel about being called a fashionista?

"I feel like that term is a little outdated. It’s old school, like the word 'diva.' I don’t like being referred to as a diva, either. I just like to be well dressed. Someone could say I’m trendy and I don’t have just one style. My style is literally all over the place."

Who is your favorite designer overall?


And your favorite sunglasses designer?


Do you have a favorite clothing designer?

"That’s tough, because the majority of my money is spent on sunglasses, bags and shoes. I like to mix and match my clothes. The majority of my clothes are just normal clothes like Naked Wardrobe. It’s all about how you put things together."

What about a favorite shoe designer?


What was the first high-end designer item you ever bought or were given? 

"Christian Louboutin [heels] that I could only wear once because I couldn’t walk in them."

What was your first designer handbag?

"A Celine tote I bought nine or 10 years ago. It was brown and blue. I wore it with such pride."

What is your most expensive handbag? 

"A Hermes bag, but I sold it, because it was way too heavy and uncomfortable. I would have to say it is now my jumbo Chanel bag. I think that was like $8,000."

What is your most expensive pair of shoes?

"My Givenchy boots. I think they were like $2,000."

I love your closet—the size and everything in it. What do you love about it?

"I like that I can walk in here and everything is organized. If I want to wear pants, they’re easy to find and color coordinated. If I want to wear a shirt, I know exactly where it is. I will have an outfit idea in my head, and I come in here and pick it out, then put it on my style rack and try it on. It’s easy."

Which item in your closet holds the most memories for you and why?

"There is a charity event here that is so hard to get into. It’s called Wine, Women & Shoes. I remember I was so excited to get a ticket and go with some friends. I wore these Versace shoes and they hold a lot of memory because my feet hurt so much at the event. I didn’t care if I had to duck-walk out of the event. I had to wear them, because they were so cute and it was hard to get them because they were sold out everywhere."

Which item was hardest for you to get your hands on?

"I had this beautiful Gucci dress, but then I lost weight, so I sold it, but that would have been the item. Other than that, there are some things I still want that I don’t have. Like certain shoes are always sold out in my size right away. That’s why you have to have a good sales associate."

What is something you plan to purchase in the future? 

"I really want a little Dior satchel belt bag in matte black. I have it in white, but I am afraid to wear it."

Living in Sarasota, where do you go to wear your clothes and shoes?

"That’s a good question. Sometimes I have to get my girls together and come up with events, but for the most part I travel a lot. Soon I am going to spend 18 days in Europe. So I'm going to use that time to get some content and style my outfits. Other than that, if my husband and I go out to dinner, that also gives me an opportunity to wear some of my outfits.

Which five designers, dead or alive, would you love to have dinner with?

"[Dominico] Dolce, Karl Lagerfeld, Sergio and Gianvito Rossi and Christian Louboutin."

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