Dr. Kristin Doyle of Spectacle Gallery Explains the Latest Trends in Eyewear

Doyle's top tip? 'Glasses should be fun!'

By Heather Dunhill December 13, 2021

Spectacle Gallery owner Dr. Kristin Doyle.

Want a new look without adding a single piece of clothing to your wardrobe? An eyewear accessory in the form of chic sunnies or inspired glasses is all you need to up the ante on your style in 2022.

To get some ideas, we tapped downtown optometrist and all-around cool girl Dr. Kristin Doyle, the owner of Spectacle Gallery, to clue us in to the latest must-haves:

Minimal metallic frames by Germany's Haffmans & Neumeister.

What are the top trends in eyewear right now? 

Minimal metallics, especially rounds. And bold colors! Think of your eyewear as a piece of jewelry. They can easily add a touch of metallic glam or a boost of color to any outfit.

What about sunglasses?

Clear sunglasses with blue lenses by Krewe, a New Orleans company.

Large and retro—classic shapes, but with a modern color twist. A classic black and tortoise will never get old, but crystal frames with a blue or green or even a purple lens are very popular.


What shapes fit best for our face?

Frame by Germany's Schnuchel.

I hate this question, because I hear it all the time. It's more about proportions, not a specific shape. I always hear, “I wish I could wear round, but I can’t with my face shape.” But that is not true. You just have to find the right round for your face.

As long as your frame is following your natural brow bone arch and upper portion of your check bone, you’ll be able to pull off any shape. Even with a classic droopy aviator, if it doesn’t dip below your natural check bone, it won’t make you look droopy. Your face dictates the size, not necessarily the shape.

Gold and tortoise aviator by France's Ahlem.

What is the best for sun protection?

Our eye tissues—both inside and out—can freckle with sun damage. So wear sunglasses to protect your delicate eye tissue. Freckling on the inside of your eyes can lead to permanent vision damage. Polarized lenses are ultraviolet protective, but also add an additional bonus of glare reduction. Remember that polarized sunglasses are a must on the water.

What mistakes do we make when it comes to eyewear?

Red cat eye glasses by Italy's Piero Massaro.

Not stepping out of our comfort zone. Humans are creatures of habit, and I get it. But mix it up occasionally. If you always get a neutral color, try a pop of color and see how it brightens up your face and makes your eye color pop.

Your face and the color of your glasses should complement each other, like an artist’s color palette. Think of the color wheel and you will know exactly what color will make your eyes pop, or bring out the natural pink undertones of your skin. They can quickly brighten up your face, without makeup, when paired correctly.

What's your overall advice?

Glasses should be fun! A licensed dispensing optician can find you a showstopper, if you let them. 

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