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Celebrate the Arrival of Fall With a Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

Self-care has never smelled so autumnal.

By Dedriana Perry October 11, 2021

With the start of fall, you're probably enjoying pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin beers while browsing pumpkin patches and making plans to carve pumpkins. While you're indulging in the season, why not treat yourself to a beauty treatment that also involves pumpkin? Sarasota's Shore Rejuvenation Spa is offering a limited edition "pumpkin enzyme facial" through the end of November.

Made for all skin types, the facial, which takes about 75 minutes to complete and costs $225. It targets dullness, aging, flaking and discoloration, leaving the skin smoother and more radiant.

"Clients will see an immediate glow and brightening of the skin as the pumpkin enzyme gently removes dead skin cells, which can dull your appearance," says Shore Rejuvenation owner Holly Sharpe, who has been an aesthetician for 10 years.

According to Sharpe, pumpkin is packed with nutrients like zinc, which has anti-aging properties; beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant; and cancer-fighting carotenoids , lutein and zeaxanthin.

Pumpkin also contains standout ingredients like vitamins A and C, which increase cell turnover rate, the speed at which new skin replaces old skin. Vitamin C helps with the brightening and evening of the skin tone, says Sharpe, while vitamin A helps speed up healing, prevent breakouts, support the skin's immune system and promote natural moisturizing.

Looks like we're adding one more pumpkin item to our fall to-do lists.

Shore Rejuvenation Spa is located at 2088 Hawthorne St., Sarasota. For more info, call (941) 960-6774 or visit the spa's website. To receive $30 off a pumpkin enzyme facial appointment, use the code PUMPKINSPICE when you book online.

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