Pumpkin Mindset

Pumpkin Spice Season Is Back, Baby

It's starting to feel like fall, maybe?

By Cooper Levey-Baker August 24, 2021

The temperature in Sarasota is expected to hit 91 degrees Fahrenheit this afternoon, which should actually feel like 103 degrees, thanks to the humidity. But while fall may seem very far away, things are getting downright autumnal thanks to the return of pumpkin spice to a Starbucks near you.

The pumpkin spice latte has been a love-it-or-hate-it phenomenon since it was cooked up in a Starbucks lab back in 2003. These days, you can pumpkin-ize almost anything you want—lattes, cold brews and nitro cold brews (our favorite)—and then pair them with a pumpkin scone, a pumpkin cream cheese muffin or a pumpkin spiced bread.

Not pumpkin-y enough? Add a pumpkin creamer to your pumpkin spice Keurig pod and stock up on pumpkin-flavored cold brew concentrate. Maybe toast some pumpkin seeds at home and then cut yourself a slice of pumpkin pie to complete your total squash immersion.

Then turn down the air-conditioner, don a light cardigan and start shopping for the perfect Halloween costume (Colonel Sanders, perhaps?). Fall is here, kind of.

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