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Michael's On East Director of HR Kimberley Mancini Shares Her Beauty Routine

Mother, wife and HR director of Michael's On East, Kim Mancini has a real-world approach to beauty and aging gracefully.

By Heather Dunhill December 27, 2017

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Image courtesy of Kim Mancini.

It's difficult for me to think that Kim Mancini needs any introduction.  But here goes: not only is she the director of human resources at Michael’s On East, and the mom of Matthew Mancini, who is currently attending New College and studying mathematical physics, Kim is also inextricably linked to the love of her life: Michael's co-proprietor Phil Mancini. 

I still remember the first time I met her more than 20 years ago. She struck me as an approachable woman whose beauty was comparable to that of Claudia Schiffer. And, all these years later she still is both, making Kim the perfect choice for our next In the Glow interview. So with that, I give you her candid take on life and beauty.

Describe your morning makeup routine.

Much to the dismay of my dermatologist, I skip the moisturizer and sun block and go straight to the makeup application. I currently use a combination of Hourglass Immaculate foundation (I believe it has an SPF, so skipping it earlier doesn’t seem so bad now), Buxom eye shadows, Nars blush and tinted Vaseline for the lips.

What did your mother teach you about beauty?

To stay out of the sun.  My mother has always been a beautiful woman and she remains young-looking to this day.  I limit my sun exposure and always wear sunblock if I’m going to the beach or doing outdoor activities.

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

Plenty of water.  Phil and I also try to eat clean; [foods like] organic and wild-caught fish.  The other most important thing I try to do is to keep my stress to a manageable level.  I wish I could claim yoga or meditation as my go-to stress-reliever, but it’s usually a glass of Chardonnay after a long day. 

Any treatment that you outsource?

I've tried fillers and Botox and spent days in tears because I didn’t look like myself.  Now, I get the occasional treatment from Dr. Elizabeth Callahan at Skin Smart Dermatology and use the product sparingly. 

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

My skin [tends to get] used to a certain product and I'll stop seeing results, so I switch it up to keep my skin on its game.  Currently, I’m using Rodan & Fields' Redefine line of skin care as well as the Lash Boost.  I had been using Latisse for years and just switched to the Lash Boost, and I've seen great results.

Do you have a signature scent and what do you love about it?

I don’t wear perfume.  Phil and I are both super-sensitive to scents.

What is the biggest beauty blunder you've made?

Where do I start?  There have been so many—the above-mentioned Botox/fillers; bad perms in the '70s; letting someone wax my brows too thin on more than one occasion; big '80s hair that I continued to rock well into the '90s; continuing to cut bangs back in after I spent years growing them out...

More women should…

Love their bodies! Eat well and exercise when you can, but don’t stress out about your figure.  You’re going to gain and lose weight, you’re going to age and things will sag and wrinkle.  It’s ok, it’s life. Be happy with your body in all its stages. Confidence is sexy.

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