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Image Courtesy of Fouxx.com 

Fouxx.com founder Fouad Georges has assembled a collective of talented young Arab designers on his online boutique—names like Roula Khedi, Bil Arabi, FMMDubai, Rim 'n’ Roll, Elsa O. and Kashida are all making their debut in the American market via Georges' site.

From fashion accessories and jewelry to home decor and furnishings, Fouxx.com showcases an eclectic mix of contemporary, traditional and cutting-edge styles, bringing together a curation of products originating from the modern Arab world. I caught up with Georges to get to know him and the story behind introducing a new generation of contemporary Arab artists to our country. 

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Fouad Georges 

Tell us a little bit about yourself….

I was born and raised in Lebanon, and I have always been fascinated by the history and culture of the Middle East and the Arab world. I was surrounded by tons of trends and cultures and unique beauty, characters and contradictions. My dream is to spread the reputation and uniqueness of fashion, art and design that originates from this rather “unconventional” geography, and that's what inspired me to launch Fouxx.com

I was lucky enough to work for fashion houses in Paris and the luxury markets of Dubai, Beirut and Kuwait. This inspired me to focus all my energy on marketing. I've dealt with the most demanding minds across Europe and the Middle East, and I've [gotten to know] diverse nationalities and cultures, interpreting the fashion world in my own way. I feel that luxury is not related to value; it is related to inspiration and passion.


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Image Courtesy of Fouxx.com 

How was Fouxx.com born?

It's solely related to my need to spread the word about Arab designers. When I arrived in the USA and studied the market, it became apparent to me that American consumers are welcoming new and different kinds of fashion and decor. They are seeking unique items [with stories behind them] since they are exposed to global offerings through all types of media platforms. Consumers are aware of what is happening in the fashion world on a global scale, and Fouxx.com is giving them the chance to explore new [designers and products].  

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How do you source the talented artists on the site? 

Thanks to my years living and working in the Middle East, I was fortunate to discover and meet designers and artists who are enthused by the diversity, colors and cultures of an extraordinary region, and who are thirsty to create new trends in the global marketplace. 

Fouxx.com is open to diverse artists and designers who have the potential to become ambassadors of creativity and culture in the fashion space. 


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What inspired you to launch in the U.S.?

I have always seen the Arab world as a place where all cultures meet, where diversity is celebrated, and where tradition and modernity co-exist serenely—giving artists and entrepreneurs the opportunity to unleash their potential. The U.S.A. is one of the most welcoming markets for all types of cultures and fashions. I do not think there is a better place for Fouxx.com.

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What would our readers be surprised to know about Fouxx.com?

I always look for uniqueness in everything I try to do, and Fouxx.com follows the same pattern. Site visitors will be surprised the uniqueness of the collections. All the products are personally handpicked, and are all housed in our warehouse in Los Angeles, which makes transactions and shipment easier and faster. Despite the fact that Fouxx.com is an online shop, [we want] our customers to feel the same warmth and exclusivity of the boutique shopping experience. Our aim is to never stop surprising our customers with our uniqueness in collections, personalized service, the variety of styles we carry and our pricing. And most of all, we are passionate about showing our customers the Arab values of hospitality and openness. This has become our mantra.    

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