Sealed with a Bloom

Local Illustrator Shannon Kirsten Launches Collaboration with Anthropologie

Bradenton's Shannon Kirsten recently launched a collaboration with Anthropologie, and her floral-inspired work can now be purchased nationwide.

By Stephanie Isaac September 1, 2017

Shannon kirsten couch ke9wio

Shannon Kirsten Couch

Shannon Kirsten Couch is a Bradenton-based illustrator who's known for her whimsical and unique watercolor artwork. Couch recently created a line of stationery for upscale chain Anthropologie, and shoppers can now purchase her decorative prints on file folders, notebooks, and pens in stores nationwide. We spoke with Couch about the collaboration, the design process and her favorite items in the collection.

What was the process like during your collaboration with Anthropologie?

Lots of talking back and forth about ideas, presenting color palettes, sending sketches, then final paintings that we revised until we had the designs just right. 

Where did you draw your inspiration from with this particular collection?

As with most of my designs, I am forever inspired by natural elements, vintage motifs, and a whimsical combination of colors.

Shannon kirsten file folders muneta

A set of file folders.

How does it feel to see your designs showcased in stores?

It never gets old! It’s so exciting to work with bigger brands that have multiple storefronts. I have always dreamed of seeing my artwork on products beyond what I can produce, and collaborating with larger brands that I love. It also makes me happy how excited my friends and family get over buying something I’ve created that's in stores.

Shannon kirtsen aywkcl

Notebooks from Couch's Anthropologie collab.

What do you hope to accomplish next?

I hope to continue working on product collaborations like this one, and growing my own line of stationery for the retail and wholesale market.  

Anthropolgie collab jqswij

Couch's whimsical botanicals

Have you always been a fan of the store?

I have always been a big fan of shopping at Anthropologie.  I even worked retail at one of the stores in West Palm Beach while I was in college years ago. Anthropologie's clothing and home goods are so unique, and I love that the brand is supportive of all types of independent designers.

Sealed with a bloom lyirfl

How did you narrow down the designs?

I created a variety of floral patterns for the art team. I think there were around six to begin with. Together we made some revisions until we came up with a few perfect patterns.  They made the final selections that went into production. 

Shannon kirsten notebooks ofdxkd

What is your favorite item in this collection?

I love the journal set.  I have always carried around some sort of sketchbook or notepad to jot down ideas so it’s really fun to be able to use my own now.  The covers are made from a thick, textured card stock and the packaging has my name and the name of the collection, “Sealed With A Bloom,” in gold foil.  It’s such a pretty presentation! 

Pens pj8jq4

Pens from Couch's collection


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