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Entrepreneur Michele Pishalski-Schlossberg Shares Her Beauty Routine

Fashion editor Heather Dunhill talks to PAINT Nail Bar's co-founder Michele Pishalski-Schlossberg about her skincare routine, her favorite treatments and the best beauty advice she was ever given.

By Heather Dunhill April 5, 2017

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Michele Pishalski-Schlossberg

Welcome to our brand-new original series "In the Glow"--a monthly feature highlighting local women who will share the secrets of their beauty routines, their favorite products and their best lifestyle tips. 
First up: Michele Pishalski-Schlossberg, co-founder of PAINT Nail Bar in Downtown Sarasota.  A Sarasotan since 2013, by way of Washington, D.C., Michele combined her passion for self-care and her experience working with health and wellness clients--from individuals to Fortune 500 companies--to open PAINT, a nail salon that's ultra-luxurious and ultra-hygienic (all of the nail polishes are 5-free, and equipment is sterilized in a hospital-grade autoclave). In short, Michele is the perfect first interview. Here are her beauty tips and insights. 

Describe your morning makeup routine.

I am a big fan of Trish McEvoy makeup, and have several of the brand's “planners,” which are a dream come true in terms of organizing your makeup. I use Trish McEvoy's BB cream, powder, and bronzer, and am obsessed with the “eye lift” for under my eyes. I also couldn’t live without my DiorShow mascara. I'm reluctant to admit this, but I usually put the finishing touches on my makeup in the car--at stop lights only!--on the way to drop my daughter off at kindergarten. 

What did your mother or mother figure teach you about beauty?

Nothing is more beautiful than a genuine smile from a strong woman. That said, a bright lipstick and a bit of mascara goes a long way too. My grandmother always was impeccably dressed from head to toe. She had a strong personalty yet exuded beauty and had a fashionable sense of style. She taught me it's important to take care of yourself. Growing up, I loved to go shopping with her or accompany her to the beauty salon (yes, back in the day that’s what we called it!).

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

I give myself permission to embrace my feminine side--being girly. I love spending quality time with women of all ages who inspire me, and encouraging others to discover their inner beauty.  

Any treatments you outsource?

I swear by brow tinting. Great brows make everything better including brow waxing and shaping. I was reluctant at first but I am hooked and sure enough every time I have them tinted someone compliments me. 

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

My routine is simple: remove makeup, cleanse skin, pat on a serum and moisturizer and sleep. I try to get eight hours a night, and swear when I don’t, I can see it in my skin! 

Do you have a signature scent and, if so, what do you love about it?

I developed a sensitivity to fragrances when I was pregnant with my daughter several years ago and have never been able to wear or tolerate perfume since then.  

What is the biggest beauty blunder?

As woman age they don’t adapt their makeup routine accordingly. Just like one’s personal style changes, so should the intensity and color pallet of their makeup. Sometimes it’s more and sometimes it’s less. 

More women should…

Compliment other woman they find “lovely” - whether their outfit, hair style, manicure color or smile. 

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