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'Fanny Facials' Take Skincare Down There

What you need to know about this trendy tushy facial—plus, how to give your rear end some TLC at home.

By Dariela Delgado October 20, 2022

Women sunbathing in bikinis on the beach.

Fanny facials make for great beach bums.

Butts need love, too!

Yes, today we're talking about skincare for your rear end. In Florida, it's bikini season all year long, and that means more opportunities for Sarasota tushes to see the light of day.

Because they're often covered by clothing, our bums are easy to forget about when it comes to skincare. But they take the brunt of sitting at a desk for long hours every day, riding a bike, suffocating in undies and getting sunburned on the beach. Every once in a while, there may even be a pimple or two.

Those pimples can prove painful. The skin's follicle structure on the back and butt is different from that of the face—it's somewhat concave. Therefore, extraction is difficult, especially for DIYers. Popping pimples can spread unwanted bacteria and lead to more breakouts.

"Just like other places on the body where people can experience breakouts—like their shoulders, chest or back—the tushy can be prone to breakouts as well, and should be treated the same as the rest of your body," says Jessica Manzano, an aesthetician at Suncoast Skin Solutions where "fanny facials" are a thing.

Fanny facials are a special kind of skincare. "There is a specialized exfoliation tip we use for the thicker skin on the body," says Manzano. "We cleanse, exfoliate, extract and infuse with antioxidant and moisturizing serum."

For congested, acne-prone, or scarred skin down there, Manzano also offers a specialized treatment called a "VI Purify Peel" to help. "The peels can help with congested, acne prone or scarred skin on the tushy," she explains.

Want to try a fanny facial but prefer to do it from the comfort of your own bathroom? Gabby Gillespie, a medical aesthetician at L. Spa, offers recommendations for DIYers. But take note: “None of this will be effective if you don’t use SPF," Gillespie says.

LHA Cleanser Gel, SkinCeuticals

This cleanser is gentle enough to use every day. It contains salicylic acid, which targets pimples and helps unclog congested pores on the rear end. The alcohol-free formula has no parabens, soaps, fragrances or dyes.

Micro-Exfoliating Scrub, SkinCeuticals

Gillespie recommends using this scrub one to two times a week to improve the butt's texture while softening and hydrating the skin.

BodiFirm, Revision Skincare

The name says it all. “For mature clients, this gets into the layers of your skin to firm,” says Gillespie. This body lotion claims to firm and tighten the skin of the rear end to create a sculpted bum that turns heads.

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