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Sarasota Dynamo Renee Phinney Talks Beauty

Fashion and beauty editor Heather Dunhill gets the details on this bosslady's beauty routine.

By Heather Dunhill April 20, 2017


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Renee Phinney

It's likely you've seen Renee Phinney out and about on the Sarasota scene, or you may work with one of the 30-plus non-profits she has collaborated with in her remarkable 30 years at Spotlight Graphics. One thing's for sure: it's easy to notice her beauty, which glows from the inside out. So we decided to get the deets on her beauty routine. 

Describe your morning makeup routine.

I always start off with Trish McEvoy Eye and Face Serum, SPF including neck, hands too! Then- its foundation and eyes and lips.

My brows and lashes went from minutes to seconds thanks to the game changer of microblading at Beauty by Iveta (thanks to this blog post), and I have eyelash extensions thanks to Paint Nail Bar--so no need for mascara.

What did your mother or mother-figure teach you about beauty?

My mom was a single mother with four children to raise, so while she didn’t have much time to focus on beauty routines for herself, she had a lot to do with shaping my views of beauty from the inside. She taught me to be strong and independent, two things that have helped me in my both career and personal life. 

How do you nourish your beauty from the inside?

I get lots of sleep, eat right, exercise and stay hydrated (though my long-standing addiction to Diet Coke is real). But just as important, I try to nourish my soul by surrounding myself with positive people, giving my time to things I’m passionate about, like Make-A-Wish, and finding quiet time for myself. I believe this “soul food” has a direct effect on one’s outer beauty, as well. When things are right internally for any of us, there is no mistaking that “glow” that's reflected externally. 

Any treatment that you outsource?

I am very grateful for my #beautysquad. I get monthly facials, including dermaplaning, by Kimberly Marlow of L. Spa. For nails, I always like to get a weekly manicure--polish not gel--and a bi-monthly pedicure. And I do the previously mentioned microblading at Beauty by Iveta.

My go to for anti-aging procedures is Sue McAnn of Paradise Dermatology.She is always on the cutting edge of non-surgical treatments, delivering the best solutions to keep me looking fresh. Jim Lewis at Euduz Salon on Main Street is my hair guru. I have been with him for 20-plus years, which says a lot! 

I also have love affair with Pure Barre, which I do four to five times a week--that really is my only “body treatment”

How about your nighttime skincare ritual?

At night it's pretty simple. Osmosis facial wash, under-eye moisturizer, facial and neck moisturizer, Latisse (or equivalent) to help me strengthen my natural lashes (enhanced by aforementioned extensions).

Do you have a signature scent, and if so, what do you love about it?

I have always been funny with scents, but recently I fell in love with Lancôme’s La Vie Est Belle. Full disclosure: this is my bestie Jenn Stutler's signature scent, too. I always loved it, and felt like it was her signature—but she told me, with love, to try it and insisted that if I love it, I should wear it. She said, “After all, we share so much why not share a signature scent too?” I have been wearing it ever since and always get great compliments about it. 

Any other makeup advice you care to share?

I would say that as women progress through the seasons of their lives, lighter is better. Lighter amounts of makeup, lighter and varying tones through the hair, lighter or less amounts of sun exposure.

More women should:

Lift each other up. Support one another and find the beauty in others. No woman should ever unscrew another woman’s lightbulb to make hers shine brighter. We all win by shining bright together.

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