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Our Fashion Editor Goes Under the Microblade in the Name of Good Brows

If your brows are uneven, over-tweezed, under-loved and in need of some serious shaping, lean in--have we got a tip (and a discount!) for you.

By Heather Dunhill March 15, 2017

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Eyebrows frame and transform your face. So if your brows are uneven, over-tweezed, under-loved and/or in need of some shaping then lean in, then read on. I have just experienced the coolest beauty upgrade since I got hooked on eyelash extensions. It's called microblading--and I'm obsessed.

Before I share my microblading experience, here's some background info on the procedure. Microblading uses tiny strokes of semi-permanent makeup to create a feathery effect that mimics real eyebrow hair. And the look is completely customized for you based on your face shape, skin tone, hair color, etc. 

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I was instantly put at ease when I entered Beauty by Iveta's loft-meets-spa-like studio on Fruitville Road. It has a great vibe--bright and fresh and friendly, just like Iveta herself. After seeing the space and meeting Iveta, I was completely comfortable going forward with this semi-permanent procedure--especially after she delved into her thorough technical explanation.

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I was taken by Iveta's description of her meticulous routine for measuring then re-measuring, then measuring again and double-checking a couple more times before she begins the actual brow feathering. Iveta says the measuring phase is the longest aspect of the appointment.  We discussed her penciled brow outline and made a minor change (because brows look different laying flat than sitting up. I told you...meticulous!). 

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Then, Iveta applied medical-grade numbing agent to my brows and we were off. She uses a microblading hand tool with 14 micro needles to have more control over the hair-like strokes. She opens the sealed microblading tool in your presence, and it's only used once. 

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You're likely wondering if it hurt. The best way I can describe it is as an odd scratching at a tolerable discomfort level. And it was truly minor based on how happy I am about the end result.  I'm obsessed. Thrilled. Beyond

Here are a few points of interest if you're considering microblading yourself:

  • Iveta uses high-quality, trusted products invented by a doctor.
  • She uses plant-based pigments, which she customizes for every client.
  • There's no down time and no swelling. She mentioned I may have a little redness, but I did not. So you can return to work right away, if you need to. 
  • You'll want to avoid excessive sweating for 24 hours post-procedure. 
  • Your brows will be in healing mode for five days, during which you'll apply a medical-grade silicone provided by Iveta.
  • For seven days avoid increased sweating, swimming, saunas, hot baths, jacuzzi, sun exposure or salon tanning, laser or chemical peels and creams with Retin-A or glycolic acid. 
  • Around day three, the brows darken bit then fade to natural from days four-six.
  • A one-month touch-up will be needed to perfect and tweak.
  • Microbladed brows last 11-18 months depending on your lifestyle, skin type and texture. For instance, suntanning and chemical peels will make them fade quicker. 
  • Complimentary consultation appointments are available; the initial procedure is $500, with touch-ups ranging from $50-$500. 

And! Iveta is offering Sarasota Magazine readers a chic deal: mention this blog and receive the initial procedure for $350. Hurry, though--the offer expires April 29, 2017.

Also worth noting is that it's easy to see how much Iveta loves and takes particular pride in what she does. Find a few more images of Iveta's work below.

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