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Designer Sigrid Olsen Lands a Major Collaboration with Dillard's

See what fashion designer Sigrid Olsen has in store for her monthly collaboration with the nationwide chain.

By Heather Dunhill February 5, 2016

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American fashion designer and Sarasota darling Sigrid Olsen has a launched a fabulous collaboration with Dillard’s aptly named Sigrid Olsen Signature. And it rolls out this month. The color-driven resort collection, with its handcrafted prints, will have a focus on flattering silhouettes teamed with genuine comfort. As always, Sigrid will keep her chic and spirited warm-weather looks cohesive and interchangeable as they land in store every month.

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If you want a sneak peek, take note of the upcoming Sarasota Garden Club Fashion Benefit Luncheon on February 12, Not only will Sigrid be the keynote speaker, she’ll also be showing eight coveted looks during the fashion show, her nationwide premier! And you can be the first to purchase any of the pieces right there.

 Tickets are $45 and still available by either calling The Sarasota Garden Club at (941) 955-0875, or online by clicking here.

In the meantime, we caught up with Sigrid herself to find out more about the new line.

Congrats on a very cool collaboration with Dillard’s!  Tell us, how often will we see new Sigrid Olsen Signature collections in store?

Thanks! I am very excited about this. Starting at the end of February, we will be shipping monthly collections to Dillard’s top 100 stores, 12 months a year. Each grouping will have its own color palette, distinctive prints and patterns, beautiful seasonally appropriate fabrications and stylish (but not trendy) styles.

What’s your design emphasis for the monthly collections?
Because of my roots as an artist, my concepts are always color-driven with an emphasis on artisan details and beautiful prints, many of which I create myself in my home studio. My longtime fashion background provides insight on the styling of the silhouettes, which are feminine, flattering, versatile and timeless.

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 How does your life in Sarasota influence your design sense?
My life in Sarasota is priceless in so many ways. I have always had a pied-a-terre outside of the NYC Garment Center — even when I had an apartment in New York. Now I am living in a beautiful place, which I chose for its proximity to the beach, the magical light, abundance of sunshine and, most importantly, the significant prominence of the arts (opera, dance, theater, film, art) that Sarasota provides. No other place in Florida combines the beauty of nature with a deeper cultural influence quite the way Sarasota does.

Another benefit is the connection I have made with women of all ages who have migrated as I have to this special place, often from big cities like New York, to live a more relaxed and creative life. They inspire me every day. It is this deeper bond that influences my work.

I am delighted how life presents wonderful unexpected opportunities to me, especially in my Sarasota environs.

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What’s the price point of the new collection?
The new Signature line for Dillard’s is in the bridge department (second floor at The Mall at UTC) with an average retail price of $130, ranging up to the low $200s for the more special and embellished pieces.

What’s one of the things you’ve changed since the beginning of this journey?
The biggest change for me is being able to re-ignite my fashion career and still maintain a healthy work-life balance. I love my life in Sarasota…I can start each day with a yoga class (my favorite studio: Rosemary Court Yoga), jump into my design studio for several hours of productive creative work and top it off with a gorgeous sunset on the most beautiful beach, only a five-minute bike ride away!

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If you were to mentor a woman in the fashion industry what three pieces of advice would you give her?

  1. Start small, but have big dreams and a very clear vision.
  1. Work hard, stay focused, keep at it every day. If you love what you do, it won’t feel like work.
  1. Have faith. If your intention is clear and your passion is strong, then all you need is patience.
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