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A Glimpse at the Area's Newest Butcher Shop

Butcher's Mark offers a modern twist on a New England tradition.

By Cooper Levey-Baker November 30, 2018

Owner Charlie Haney opened the doors to Butcher's Mark, the area's newest butcher shop, on Wednesday, the culmination of years of research into how to create a modern twist on the New England butcher shops Haney grew up frequenting. Those Northeastern shops offer a variety of cuts of raw meat, of course, but Haney says that what distinguishes them from other butcher shops is the selection of marinated meats they offer.

At Butcher's Mark, which is located in the Cooper Creek shopping plaza, you'll find a pick of high-quality, carefully sourced beef, chicken, pork, lamb and veal, as well as steak tips and chicken thighs, wings and breasts that are soaking up a dozen or so flavors that range from "Asian BBQ" to "kickin' Buffalo." The idea, Haney explains, is to make cooking dinner as easy as possible. Stop in, grab a package of pre-flavored meat and then all you have to do is preheat the oven or fire up the grill.

Haney—who also owns Sarasota's Rodizio Grill, as well as restaurants in New Jersey—visited a number of ranches and farms to find the best meats to showcase. His beef comes from Revier Cattle Company in Minnesota, his Berkshire heritage pork comes from Iowa and his chicken comes from Bell & Evans in Pennsylvania.

Looking for real kobe beef? Inside the case at Butcher's Mark, you'll find an impressive hunk of kobe meat so marbled it's more white than red. It sells for $99 a pound. The store also carries house-made sausages and a tidy collection of charcuterie, cheeses and antipasti. Haney hopes to begin offering online ordering before the end of the year. Like a good steak? You'll like Butcher's Mark.

Butcher's Mark is located at 8519 Cooper Creek Blvd., University Park, and is open 9 a.m.-7 p.m. daily. For more info, call (941) 358-6328 or visit the shop's website.

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