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The Best Things We Ate in March

Slurp-able ramen! Over-the-top barbecue sandwiches! Fresh-from-the-oven chocolate croissants! Here's what our editors ate and loved last month.

April 3, 2018

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Chocolate croissants from Gamble Creek Farm are a Saturday treat.

SWINE² at Nancy's Bar-B-Q 

It’s one of Nancy’s Bar-B-Q’s signature dishes, and even though I thought I’d tried everything, the SWINE²—six ounces of pork tossed with bacon and BBQ sauce, topped with sesame crunch slaw and sweet pickle slices on a toasted Nancy’s roll—is over-the-top indulgent and delicious. Big, tender, dripping with slaw and pickles. —Susan Burns, editor in chief

Empanadas from Peperonata Fresh Pasta & Empanadas by Stef

Out running errands on a busy Saturday (or any weekday), it’s easy to make time for a stop at Peperonata Fresh Pasta & Empanadas by Stef, in the Chili’s Plaza on South Tamiami Trail. Of course you can pick up handmade pasta and sauces to take home, but the empanadas here are a great lunch bite at a table inside, whether you go for the traditional Argentinian flavors (spinach, beef, chicken and lamb varieties) or some American fusion choices (sausage, steak and cheese, pepperoni, etc.). All are crafted from dough made fresh from scratch, and they’re tasty, quickly served and disappear fast. —Kay Kipling, executive editor

The OG tart yogurt at Sunni Bunni

Our 5- and 6-year-old grandkids were visiting over spring break, and that meant several trips to Sunni Bunni. My fave is the original tart frozen yogurt (90 calories for a four-ounce cup), and sometimes I’ll splurge and add cocoa-covered almonds. There, now you know my guiltiest pleasure! —Ilene Denton, senior editor

Kani Age Ramen at Goichi Sushi Cafe 

On a dreary, drizzly night, few meals are more comforting than soup, and few soups are more satisfying than a hot tub-sized bowl of ramen from Goichi Sushi Café. The restaurant's Kani Age Ramen ($12.95) features hunks of lightly fried softshell crab floating in a pool of the restaurant's lobster miso broth stuffed with chewy noodles. Salty and fatty, it was highly slurp-able, and more than made up for the crummy weather outside. —Cooper Levey-Baker, associate editor 

Pain au chocolat from the Gamble Creek farmers market

Will travel for pastry: that was my motto after I scarfed down a fresh-baked pain au chocolate (chocolate croissant) made by Chiles Restaurant Group pastry chef Teddy Louloudes on Saturday—a.k.a. "Fresh Bread Day"—at the new Gamble Creek farmers market. Still warm from the oven, the croissant was flaky and buttery with just the right amount of chocolate stuffed inside. It was gone in two minutes, and absolutely worth the trek out east to the farm, where you'll find a selection Louloudes' other handmade breads, as well as colorful, fresh fruit and vegetables. (The market's open Wednesday-Sunday from 10 a.m-4 p.m.) —Megan McDonald, digital editor 

Philly cheesesteak egg rolls at Oak & Stone

This savory appetizer includes two egg rolls that wrap around shaved rib eye steak and cheese, but the real star is what they're paired with: a creamy beer cheese sauce and a spicy dipping sauce to give the whole thing a little kick. You'll want to order a second (or third) serving—in fact, you may even order as them your meal because they are that melt-in-your-mouth addicting! —Ashley Cooper, editorial intern

Tiger roll and king lobster roll at Tsunami Sushi & Hibachi

The best rolls I've eaten at Tsunami are the tiger roll and king lobster roll. The former includes tuna, salmon and yellowtail on tiger seaweed paper, highlighted by a honey wasabi sauce. The latter mixed king crab, baked lobster and a bit of avocado, complemented by spicy mayo and eel sauce. Each roll is topped with tempura flakes for added crunch. —Jordan Noyes, editorial intern

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